CMaffs – 🌍 a network that for over 3 years has been offering cool Crypto & Forex offers.

💼 The main feature is the approach to traffic processing, which always provides affiliates with the highest CR! Pre-landers, payment solutions, and much more — CMaffiliates have thought of everything. Copy-paste, go.

CMaffs opens opportunities for obtaining the best profitable deals!

  • 💰 Vertical:
    #finance #crypto #forex
  • 📈 Number of offers:
    40+ active geos
  • 🤑 Payment methods:
    all possible, even cash
  • ⏱ Payouts:
    min. once a week, exceptions for trusted partners.
  • 🔗 Working model:
    CPA, CRG (for trusted partners)
  • 💵 Minimum payout:
    from 50 usd

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