Hello, community 😉 Today Geek invited a close friend and partner Skywalker’s Force to give their comment on why TikTok RIP. The information will be useful for beginners looking to get started, as well as for those who have been pouring traffic from TT for a long time and are looking for solutions to their problems.


Problems, problems, problems. Follow the link in the profile – a problem. Setting an avatar – a problem. Getting more than 600 views – a problem. Finding a decent creative – a problem.

How did it happen that the life of a TikToker turned into a sheer problem? Of course, we are all to blame. Someone invited a friend, who told another friend, who told three friends – we have a bunch of newbies without experience, but who spam enthusiastically. Someone wrote a case for CPA, attracting the attention not only of a friend and a friend’s friend, but also of people completely unknown to him. This case will not stay on one forum or media. It will go further. And someone writes about TikTok, telling everyone the intricacies of work. All this has led to the fact that TikTok has now become worse than Instagram.

But is everything really so shitty and TikTok RIP, as written above?

Attention! This article will destroy TikTok for arbitrageurs, so don’t share it with friends, don’t tell acquaintances, and don’t post on channels. Quietly read it and pay tribute to the greatest of sources…

In short, Geek asked me to write some case, show some stats, like it will definitely appeal to the audience. Of course, it’s true, each of you would like to see a fucking cool method of draining, stats of 1k daily. But does it make sense if it will break maybe in a week? Will there be any benefit for beginners – not at all. So I decided to take a long approach and will try to flip your perception of TT arbitrage in general. I will describe some of my mini-cases, which will aptly complement this material.


First and foremost, what you need to understand: TT is no longer what it used to be. You need to live by it, devoting maximum time. You need to develop, test, pour, burn out, and pour again. Working 3-5 hours a day, you will not be able to earn decent money. Some of you might think, “Damn, I pour for 4 hours and have 100 daily, what are you talking about”. Well, congratulations on that, it’s great that 100 daily is enough for a fucking great life and you need nothing more. I wish you to reach new heights when TT really RIPs. And anyway, you either got lucky to steal and master the connection or you have been working on TikTok for a long time for these hundred daily. Moving on.

Second. You always have to be on the wave, always. That is, your target audience – men 20+ who are on TikTok. Most of you are men 20+ – stay on TikTok, watch TikToks, notice new TikTok trends. If you can’t keep up with them – notice new arbitrator trends. Think about how it can be turned into an original connection, what touches to the audience can be used (more on this later). Also, keep track of updates and new features introduced by TikTok.

🔘 My mini case number one on this:

I flew into TikToks when it was still possible to do stitches and just write Link in bio on my part, almost then I noticed that original music could be renamed. I even showed this feature to someone, either Keks or someone else, I don’t remember. How and why to use it, I didn’t know. When the era of greenscreens came, guess who was the first to start writing on the video Check my sound and writing a call in the music.

🔘 Regarding following TikTok trends, my mini case number two:

Everyone remembers how in the fall it was breaking recommendations from photos, where in the end there was some nude with tits or something juicier. What was my team doing at that time? One might think that, like other arbitrators, they poured these same photos and tried to somehow call to the profile. No, too banal. Instead of the last photo with a naked woman (or women), we put a call. Simple psychology really. There is a greater likelihood that a person will follow the link when they haven’t seen anything but know they MUST see, rather than if the person has already seen and maybe wants to see more. At that time, the manager on Adverten was just delighted with the quality and conversion of this traffic and several times asked if this traffic was from TikTok:)

Thinking creatively is our third necessity. In TikTok, there is a huge variety of touches and opportunities to pour your videos. Your task is to find your ideal option. This will take time. A lot of time. I wrote a bit about it in this article: https://telegra.ph/TikTok-08-25-3. If someone really started testing everything, then I think you have found a few more ways to improve the connection.

My mini case number 3:

Many of you remember the dark times when TikTok removed the link from new registrations. Everyone talked about Instagram, everyone! My team and I immediately realized that it was complete nonsense. TikTok is quick traffic; the more actions users need to perform, the fewer reach the end. Our decision was the only correct and unique at that time. Yes, I’m talking about the profile mark. We were styling our own accounts with 1k subscriptions. We styled this not about bio and link:) We noticed that on iPhones, the name of the account is displayed in the mark, not the username. This feature was not available on Android. And you can write anything in the name – fonts, emojis, and all that. Among the calls were banal “tap for sex,” “click here,” and the like. Did this work better than Instagram? Of course, because the traffic remained in TikTok, and the number of user clicks to get to the link was the same as in the “Check sound name” connection.

By the way, I want to say that marks still work very well now if we are talking about mass pouring. If you plan to keep networks, I recommend not risking using heavy calls on the marks but just waiting for 1k subscribers to set the link.

🔘 And let me describe someone else’s mini case:

I don’t remember who this enthusiast was, but clearly clever)) The same time interval – they removed the link on new registrations. While we quietly poured marks, this person went further and started setting their dating links in the infamous recipes. The decision is brilliant, because, roughly speaking, the link was almost on the video. Now probably everyone knows about it, but then it was a novelty that everyone repeated or tried to))

This is another proof that TT needs to be endlessly poked and look for new and new ways to be the first and get the maximum profit.

Maybe it’s worth touching on the technical component, because to be a simple user for TT, you still need to take care of a clean network and devices. I’ve said this many times, but not everyone understands what it means. In simple words – a fresh own IP, change of provider, clearing the database of the router, its SSID, and MAC. And of course, do not forget about VPNs, which everyone has already overused but continue to use. There should have been a friendly recommendation of good proxies here, but unfortunately, there is none. Do not use mobile proxies when working with TT, it will end in failure, only server or residential.

Regarding device uniqueness – on iPhone, it is not needed. The article I mentioned above describes everything well. iCloud doesn’t solve anything, time on the phone as well And Androids are easier to change over time when you feel significant dips. Study TT, analyze what data it collects, and think about what you can do with it.

From my experience, in most cases (there is no statistics, but conditionally 60%), the network is to blame, then comes the creative (39%), and only in very extreme cases the fault lies with the device.

With each month, TT becomes smarter, but as long as there are ordinary people there, you will be able to mine traffic from there. You just need to disguise yourself as ordinary people. With actions and content. Show a little ingenuity, don’t try to repeat after someone, think and do your own thing.

Returning to the first point, you really need to live by this, being in the whirlwind of events and tests every day. In the TikTok branch, I have already read that only the tops are left on normal dailies. Here is your manual “how to become a top”. Here are all the secrets. I tell everything as it is. I remember many “tops” who just poured someone else’s connections getting decent profits. But if you want to get good cash in the long run, you need to think a lot and work a lot. Here you either work hard every hour and every day, or you are left with a bad mood and a balance in the CPA, which doesn’t even cover the costs of a VPN.

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