Welcome, community! Messenger traffic is a relatively new source of leads that Affiliates are still actively exploring. Today, we’ll discuss why messengers should be considered as a source for your projects, how it all works, and whether such traffic can be considered conditionally free.

Before we start, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our comprehensive overview on paid traffic and CFT. There we detail the differences between them, and their advantages and disadvantages.

What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing is the promotion and advertising of products or services through platforms like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or even Viber. The principle is similar to email marketing: you send an offer directly to someone, automate the process with bots, and generate traffic.

How to work with traffic from messengers?

However, modern messengers have significantly advanced in many respects and now offer users a wider range of tools. For instance, you have the ability to create your own channels and communities and direct traffic from there. In this respect, messengers are more reminiscent of social networks.

Unlike the aforementioned email marketing, promotion via messengers has the following advantages:

  • Audience engagement is much greater because people use messengers more actively than they open their mailbox. Moreover, email clients often send any promotional offers to “Spam,” or at best, to “Promotions,” where they get lost;
  • It fosters the creation of a more loyal tone of communication, as you can literally interact with your traffic directly, responding to their questions and more. In the case of email, we generally have one-sided communication, which does not allow for establishing a connection;
  • Most Affiliates use chatbots for more effective traffic funneling from messengers. Bots allow for automating most processes: responding to user inquiries, generating creatives, collecting statistics, etc.

Thus, we are dealing with a platform that has already implemented a plethora of convenient tools for working with an audience. You can communicate directly with potential customers, attract people to your own channels, create entire networks of channels for specific queries, buy advertising on popular channels, or use the messenger’s own advertising tools. There are many cases to consider.

Main Tools for Effective Promotion in Messengers

Let’s now talk more about those tools. Some messengers offer ready-made solutions, while in other cases, you’ll have to work with your own hands to implement these solutions.

For example, regarding chatbots, you can write one yourself using Python, for instance. Or you could outsource this process or use special builders that allow those who are not familiar with programming to create bots. A chatbot is a primary tool for automating your projects within a messenger, capable of handling a vast array of tasks: from constantly reminding users of your existence to conducting contests and giveaways that help further engage your audience.

You also need to master platforms that perform automatic posting of entries and allow for organizing sending of promotional offers through a contact base. You will need to work on the latter to segment traffic and enhance its quality.

And then there’s analytics. Facebook offers its own solutions that make it easy to collect a large amount of statistical and analytical data regarding the effectiveness of your work in the messenger. With other projects, you might need to seek external solutions, or purchase premium subscriptions or create business accounts that somewhat simplify the process of gathering the necessary statistics.

Which verticals are better to pour traffic on?

There are certain verticals that convert best specifically through messengers. The first that comes to mind is HR. A large number of people look for jobs through messengers, and you can work through already established and popular communities of specific cities, countries, or industries. Sometimes publication may cost money, and sometimes it can be entirely free, if we’re talking about any chat.

Financial offers also demonstrate high conversion, partly because almost the entire process of loan application can be handed over to a chatbot, allowing you simply to attract the audience, with the machine code handling the conversion.

Finally, iGaming. Here, the same bots are mostly used that run free spins and other bonuses in casinos, or even in betting platforms. Separate thematic channels are also created with predictions on various sports events, where they suggest making a bet via a referral link. It’s almost a classic combination.

You can experiment with other verticals too. But these demonstrate the highest conversion, and in general, such combinations are quite convenient to work with.

Advantages of Driving Traffic from Messengers

Working with traffic through messengers is extremely convenient. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Immediate feedback: You can quickly establish communication directly with the lead (if necessary).
  2. Budget efficiency: Traffic from messengers is considered “UBT” (unpaid traffic). With the right strategy, from properly naming your community to creating a network of channels, you can potentially attract more traffic through just search alone without paying for leads.
  3. Automation: You can automate most processes by delegating tasks to a chat-bot.
  4. High traffic volume: The reach of messengers is extremely large, with about 5 billion people using various messengers according to data from Statista.

Of course, you cannot adjust the target here. However, you have the opportunity to create your own client base with which you will work for a long time.

Is traffic from messengers a CFT?

Can you get traffic from messengers for free or at minimal cost? Absolutely. For example, a search in Telegram, which is used by the majority of Ukrainian messenger users, based on the AIN.UA survey, gives recommendations for keywords. Optimizing your channel for these queries can increase the likelihood of receiving free traffic.

Another strategy is to create a network of channels for dozens of similar queries to increase traffic chances.

There are also specific chats where you can post advertising messages for free or even spam them. This method works well in conjunction with HR offers: find communities where people are looking for jobs, offer them a job, and potentially profit (at least on paper). Although this might result in traffic of questionable quality, it is still considered UBT.

Do you also channel traffic from messengers? How so? Share in our Telegram community, where we collectively create conditions for more effective Ukrainian Affiliate Marketing.

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