Do you want to exchange experience every day and have a stable income? It seems like a sign to find a job in an Affiliate Marketing Team. Typically, teams consist of absolutely different specialists working together to achieve one goal. Therefore, you can enter this field even if you are just starting your journey. Everything depends on your skills and flexibility.

So, who exactly do arbitrage teams look for, what do you need to know, and where to find vacancies? Let’s discuss this further.

Let’s start with the most popular position – a farmer.

The simplest position for beginners. Having no experience you can get a job and then learn everything about Affiliate Marketing while working.

What does a farmer do?

The responsibility includes preparing accounts for advertising and their constant warming up. Also, be ready for other tasks that other specialists will not perform. For example, finding the necessary information for landing pages.

How much a farmer earns depends on experience and skills.

What do you need to know to start working as a farmer?

Firstly, you need to understand what arbitrage is, how this field is structured, who else is in the team, and what the goal of your work as a farmer is.

Secondly, possess skills necessary for your work, such as the ability to interact correctly with content and not neglect anonymity tools.

Having ready accounts can be a bonus that increases your chances of getting a job. In this case, your practical skills can be assessed.

If you see yourself in the field of affiliate marketing in the future, this position is perfect for gaining the necessary experience and having the opportunity to develop further thanks to useful connections.


Another popular position found in almost all fields. Suitable for you if you are proficient in graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

What does a designer do?

Their responsibility is all the visual content. Images for social media publications, creating creatives for advertising campaigns, banners, landing page prototypes, etc. It is important to have experience working with various formats – both static and animation or video. Besides, being able to communicate with colleagues to accomplish various tasks is essential.

The average income of a designer varies greatly depending on the workload.

What is important to know and be able to do to start working?

Free use of graphic editors and experience working with different formats. A decent portfolio. The employer must understand how flexible and versatile you are as a specialist. Basic knowledge of marketing and affiliate marketing. They help create effective creatives for advertising. If you meet these requirements, you can confidently send your resume to arbitrage teams and dive into the diverse world of arbitrage.

IT Specialist/Web Developer

In general, a web developer helps turn a designer’s layout into HTML code that displays correctly in a browser. They are responsible for the visual component and optimization of landing pages and web pages. They also place additional elements like interactivity, animation, video, etc., improving the user experience. The main goal is to create an attractive and user-friendly interface.

Don’t forget, there is a constant need to solve technical tasks, connect additional tools, and ensure information security. Testing connectivity elements is also part of such an IT specialist’s duties.

What skills are needed for this position?

  • Good understanding of web development. Without this, you will not be able to prepare and optimize landing pages. Technical skills are necessary.
  • Easily create prototypes. Sometimes, for certain reasons, there is no designer in the arbitrage team, so you will have to do it yourself.
  • A portfolio is a must. It allows the employer to assess your skills and decide whether it makes sense to proceed with an interview.

We recommend this vacancy to all who possess technical knowledge and want to master a new niche.

Media Buyer

The media buyer is the master of traffic. It’s a highly responsible position, so experience is essential. This position involves constant campaign settings, choosing optimal advertising formats, testing, optimizing, scaling connections, managing the budget, and lead flow.

In addition to a fixed rate, sometimes a percentage of the team’s profit is also added.

What makes you a suitable candidate for this job?

  • Significant experience in affiliate marketing. To make the employer see your value, you need to present a list of cases and good work results. Your expertise is extremely important to be trusted with large budgets.
  • Having your own resources. They are needed so that at the beginning of the work, no one in the team panics if you make a mistake. Don’t worry, over time, you will be given access to the account base and other necessary resources.

If the employer understands that you already have significant experience in launching traffic and are ready to take responsibility for large budgets, getting the job will be quite simple.

How to get a job in an arbitrage team?

First, you should decide on the position that matches your skills and experience or one to which you want to upgrade your knowledge. Then prepare a detailed resume and portfolio. The last step is to search for vacancies.

There are several sources where you can find them:

  • Our vacancy page and our community.
  • Employment websites. There are many platforms with vacancies, such as,, Jooble, It’s worth monitoring several at once to find a good vacancy.
  • Affiliate program websites. Keep an eye on teams in this field, as such vacancies, in addition to aggregators, are often published on their websites or only on them.
  • There is often a chance to get a job by completing an arbitration course. Teams train specialists and then select the best for their staff. So this is a good option to start working.
  • Relevant Telegram channels. They often share not only useful information but also current vacancies.

Why do specialists unite in teams?

Working in a team indeed has advantages. This format allows you to clearly define the responsibility zone of each team member, delegate certain tasks as needed, and exchange experience with colleagues. Your income will become more stable and open wider doors into the world of arbitration.

We were happy to tell you how to start working in an arbitrage team, about key specialists, and we hope you will be able to enjoy your piece of the arbitrage pie. Good luck!

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