One of the key goals of marketing is to attract traffic to the final product. Media buyers do everything possible to attract quality traffic. They identify the TA (target audience) and create attractive banners for further advertising campaigns. Some media buyers work for themselves, others collaborate with advertising networks that provide services and get paid for it. 

High competition makes itself felt. To achieve a decent result, media buyers analyze a lot and use various methods and approaches in advertising to induce active app downloads. 

Whatever you do, here are 10 useful tips for marketers that should come in handy and make your work easier. 

1. Making Mistakes is Normal

The one who does nothing makes no mistakes. It’s the mistakes that help find the right path in work. 

The more offer tests you run, the easier it will be to find a working action algorithm in the future. Over time, you’ll understand which ads and visuals work more effectively for certain verticals and which are not worth wasting time on.

Moreover, such a strategy saves not only time but also money. You will be able to more accurately choose approaches, advertising networks, and geolocations to avoid draining budgets and earn more.

2. Learn Everything About Your TA

Check app ratings and monitor your competitors’ work. It’s essential to constantly keep track of your TA’s interests to fine-tune advertising and choose the right creatives.

3. Focus on the Goal and Persistence

Don’t lose faith if most tests don’t work. It’s important to remember that it’s very rare for everything to work the first time. 

Clearly define your goal, formulate a step-by-step plan, and move forward. Even 5% of successful actions bring you closer to your desired goal.

4. Creatives are Important.

Each creative must attract the user. Use all possible tools: quality photo or video material, suitable combination of colors and fonts, animation, sound, engaging text that will interest and prompt action. Everything must be clear and understandable.

It is the well-designed creative that will affect the effectiveness of mobile advertising. Since it will determine the CTR and CR and, accordingly, the cost per click and download. Therefore, we strongly advise not to neglect the quality of banners.

5. Consider Users’ Weaknesses

Your goal is to provoke the desired behavior, i.e., to make a person perform the target action. Identifying users’ weaknesses allows you to use them as triggers. 

For example, try these 7 triggers: fear, greed, trust, intrigue, gratitude, herd behavior, scarcity.

  • Fear. People fear many things: fear of loneliness, fear of getting sick or losing a loved one, fear of failure, uncertainty, etc. Knowing the TA of the product, you can create a banner that touches a nerve. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, brands indicated that they have contactless courier delivery, so it’s safe to order from them. Or everywhere wrote about regular disinfection and a limit of customers in the premises. In this way, they managed to assure the client that nothing threatens him.
  • Greed. People love to get something for nothing. They like discounts, bonuses, and seemingly advantageous offers. They feel they have power over the business and can regulate its income. For example, taxi apps (Uklon, Bolt) often offer discounts on rides to anyone who installs it for the first time.
  • Trust. Yes, making a person trust you is a difficult task. To do this, you need to clearly describe the benefits you have already brought. For example, how many clients’ needs you have already successfully met.
  • Intrigue. For this trigger to work, you need to pique the user’s interest. Headlines that intrigue and make you read further are often used by various mass media. 
  • Gratitude. This trigger is very common in infobusiness. For example, bloggers-experts often promise users useful checklists for subscribing.
  • Herd Behavior. “Already 1 million Ukrainians read us!” — the hype is also attractive. Taking a Telegram channel as an example, a user will be interested in why exactly such a number of people follow the updates and will want to check it on their own experience.
  • Scarcity and Exclusivity. There is a certain category of people who are ready for anything to get an exclusive product. Whether it’s clothing made in limited quantities or a service that will soon be unavailable. For instance, businesses place markers like “selling fast” or “this product has been purchased 50 times in the last 24 hours.” 

Remember the frenzy caused by the appearance of Clubhouse. People massively tried to get an invitation to this social network. Moreover, people were attracted by the unique opportunity to hear and talk to quite influential personalities.

6. Narrow Down the Targeting

It’s extremely important to clearly define the TA. Because understanding the interests and needs of your audience will help you create an effective banner.

Any product can be presented as clearly as possible to a specific TA. Point targeting combined with a well-thought-out banner will yield the results you expect.

7. How About Teamwork?

You can always work separately from others, but working in a team of experienced media buyers also has its advantages. If you are tired of instability, why not try this option? 

8. Combine Analytics with Creativity

It’s not enough to just buy traffic. For a successful advertising campaign, it is advisable to combine a creative approach in creatives, extensive testing, and result analytics. This is what will allow you to build an effective strategy.

9. Use Spy Services

You already know that to encourage a user to act, you need to know what interests them. But it’s impossible to study the specifics of different audiences for months. Therefore, we advise using spy services that will show how similar apps are currently being advertised. 

Choose spy services that suit your tasks. Usually, they are quite easy to navigate. The data obtained will help you keep up with current trends and significantly increase advertising effectiveness.

10. Master Automation.

If you’ve already figured out all the processes, it’s worth thinking about automating your work. 

Automation significantly saves your time spent on performing routine tasks. Thanks to various tools, you can reduce interaction with advertising platforms, including monitoring and analyzing results, creating scripts for launching offers and scaling, working with targeting, etc.

Considering these 10 useful tips for marketers, the efficiency of your work will increase, and you will be able to increase your profit by working with large-scale projects.

With respect, your Geek.

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