Ukrainization, or more precisely, the de-Russification of all spheres of life has become a key task for every citizen of Ukraine. Our confrontation has been ongoing for several centuries, with the latest war starting in 2014. However, it was the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, that awakened many to the reality: Russia is not a friendly state to us, but an enemy and terrorist committing horrific atrocities on our territory, eradicating everything Ukrainian.

Let’s be honest, continuing to work with Russia is a path to nowhere. Our affiliate marketers and IT professionals are among the best, so cooperation with Russians looks more like their parasitism on the skills and abilities of our specialists. Until recently, these two markets were indistinguishable, and our successes were considered a joint achievement. For a long time, we were associated with Russians, which hindered the development of Ukrainian products. Do we want this to continue? Of course not 😣🚫🙅‍♂️

Switching to Ukrainian and de-Russifying our information space is helped by good examples from authoritative individuals, companies, publications, etc., from various walks of life. For this purpose, we decided to find out the opinion of our partners and other media about distinguishing the Ukrainian affiliate market from the Russian one.

We asked several questions to each of them and are ready to share with you the thoughts of conscious Ukrainians, whose opinions are respected in the field of affiliate marketing. Why is it important to fully de-Russify, what is wrong with Ukrainians who ignore the tragic context of Russian-Ukrainian relations, and can affiliate marketing be “apolitical”? Let’s understand and analyze together.

Why is it important to reject ‘Russianism’?

Conscious Ukrainians have already done this. In my opinion, this needs to be done, firstly, out of respect for our national identity, living and fallen warriors who staunchly defend Ukraine.

Secondly, by not watching Moscow bloggers, not reading media, not listening to performers, not pouring into Russian PPC, and not using their services, you can significantly reduce the tax revenues funding the occupation forces.

Thirdly, how can you not get rid of someone who seeks to destroy you and your children?!

Supporting the common path with slaves who are “apolitical” is a path to the abyss.

Maksym, owner of

You can write a lot on this topic, but in the second year of the war (editor’s note – referring to the full-scale war), it’s worth understanding ‘why.’ Ukrainian products in the affiliate sphere are not inferior, and often even significantly better. Many great media, CPA networks, services have emerged in the past year.

And if all the money currently spent by some Ukrainian companies on cooperation with Russian products (even those liberals who left after 24.02) were directed to support Ukrainian projects, the affiliate product market in Ukraine would already be at a different level of development.

Oleh, owner of

Because Russians are not people, they are a country of aggressors and terrorists.

Alex Follow, owner of the channel XXXCPA

Every air raid siren, every shell fired against our country, every life taken by Russians answers this question. Russians are trying to destroy us, inflict pain and suffering, as for me, that’s more than enough reason to sever all ties with the aggressor.

Artem, COO of Traffic Squad

It turns out that we and our neighbor are from different universes. Russians are a dark people, dirt that remains on everything they touch. Throughout the years of Ukraine’s independence and active Russification, nothing Russian has brought anything positive that would lead to prosperity or development. Over the past decade, they have convinced us that they only know how to destroy and kill. Preferably us, because we anger them with our chosen path of independence. Their methods are to enslave, ours are freedom, respect, development.

Anastasia Liashko, CEO of Trionika

So-called Russia has always destroyed and devastated nations. The Holodomor, anti-Semitism, repressions. The scariest thing is that ordinary people support everything their tsar says. These people have no brains, and communicating with stupid people makes you stupid too 🙂 

I have always known that Nazism is bad, but I am forced to hate Russians, forced to wish them all death. Yes, this is Nazism. Was I a Nazi before the start of the full-scale invasion? Of course not. None of us were, but their actions forced us to hate them. Their attacks on our country are cyclical; this has happened more than once. So, if you don’t want to meet your old age again in a basement under the sound of explosions, you must fight. At least with yourself, not letting Russians into your life.

Anny, owner of the channel Skywalker’s Force

Firstly, we have been at war with them since 2014, secondly, this market will collapse in some time with all the sanctions and lawsuits, and all those “apolitical” and “pro-peace” will just petrify, not to mention that your money also sponsors the aggressor country with all the consequences. Besides, maybe not immediately, but most of the companies and partners who still work with them will also be legally covered.

Oleksandr, CEO of the company ClickID Network

Why do Ukrainians still gravitate towards the Russian information space?

I think it’s something like a mix of the remnants of an inferiority complex that Muscovites always tried to impose on Ukrainians, something like “Stockholm syndrome,” and habit.

Speaking specifically about the affiliate marketing industry, some webmasters, services, and partner programs continue to do this because, over these years, a much larger audience and number of celebrities have formed there, meaning more money. One needs to eat and survive, so they are drawn to it. Or they are simply too lazy to look for a Ukrainian alternative, which definitely exists. That’s why even several media emerged last year.😎

Maxim, owner of

At the beginning of the war, it turned out that most of the media, networks, and services we used every day were Russian. Before the war, we just didn’t pay attention to how much of a problem this was.

Plus, at the start of the war, there was no decent alternative to the large Russian-speaking media. This changed from 24.02, but some ru-media, having huge budgets and employees in Ukraine even before the war, deceive companies and readers as if they are from Ukraine.

Oleg, owner of

Probably, it’s habit and some false beliefs. For many years, we were propagated with “second army,” “one fraternal people,” “best arbitrage experts.” However, these are false theses that have nothing to do with reality.

Now, in the Russian information space, the main influencer is a fat scumbag who first blackmailed everyone and now everyone respects him. Typical behavior for Russians, but among Ukrainians, there are also Little Russians who admire this trash. Such people should be banned immediately.

Alex Follow, owner of the channel XXXCPA

This is a problem of the lack of alternatives for a long time. Before the full-scale invasion, the Russian information space seemed richer and somewhat superior. Many people use resources they are accustomed to; some do not realize it’s Russian, and some simply turn a blind eye, but this is very dangerous because the information space affects our consciousness and can propagate Russian narratives. It’s important to provide a good domestic alternative so that people switch to it not only for patriotic reasons but also for quality content.

Artem, COO of Traffic Squad

This is the result of years of Russian policy, human inertia, and the small amount of Ukrainian content that has only been actively created in recent years.

Anastasia Lyashko, CEO of the company Trionika

Comfort zone. Many people do not like changes; it’s convenient for them to listen to Russian music, watch shows on YouTube, pour on Russian partner programs. And they don’t care that the money earned by Russians is used to pay taxes which then finance terror and destruction of our country.
Unfortunately, there are people who lack self-awareness and still do not understand the cause-and-effect relationships of their actions. They do not understand the implications of their listening or viewing content from so-called Russians. These people are simply comfortable; they are used to it.

Anny, owner of the channel Skywalker’s Force

I don’t know, I’m not drawn to it.

Oleksandr, CEO of the company ClickID Network

How to explain that some Ukrainian companies continue to work with Russians?

I partly answered this question earlier. But, I think, it’s just business. Even if it’s on the blood of their fellow citizens.

Moreover, by cooperating with post-Soviets, everything can be sorted out “behind the scenes,” which is much harder to do in the civilized world.

Maxim, owner of

No one can answer this better than the companies that continue to do this. 

Many niche influencers are Russians, including liberals and those who just remained silent. They continue to be followed. 

Also, Ukrainian companies that organize offline and online events continue to allow them into our information space, which contributes to the audience getting used to these brands and perceiving them as non-Russian.

The separation is happening gradually, with each new product created by Ukrainians: media, networks, traffic sources, or services. Now, more than ever, it’s important to support these initiatives.

Oleg, owner of

Probably, these companies were originally oriented towards the Russian market and when the time came, they could not reorient to other markets. This indicates either their unprofessionalism or indifference towards Ukrainians. 

I believe that it is worth refusing to cooperate with such companies, just as with Russians.

I am also surprised by managers who repost collections for our military on Instagram every day, and at the same time, support Russians in Telegram and help them earn money. The epitome of hypocrisy.

Alex Follow, owner of the channel XXXCPA

Unfortunately, some still put money and the opportunity to earn first. It should be understood that such an approach, at a minimum, is not long-term, and very soon all things Russian will disappear and business will have to be built with the civilized world anyway, and with the baggage of Russia, it will be very difficult. 

Artem, COO of Traffic Squad

Answer: money, everything is banal and cynical. They do not want to develop, enter other markets, hold onto clients and established supply chains, etc. Similarities in legislation, mentality, the same language make business understandable there. And if an entrepreneur lacks principles, a strong self-identification, and eyes to distinguish good from evil, to see the crimes of Russia on their land, then the decision to exit the business from Russia will be extremely difficult for them.

We in the company made it already on February 24, 2022. Definitely and irrevocably.

Maybe it’s the only right and conscious thing that happened to us on that day.

Anastasia Lyashko, CEO of the company Trionika

As they say, business is “apolitical.” Greed, lack of sympathy for those suffering from the war, and outright stupidity. There’s no other explanation.

Anny, owner of the channel Skywalker’s Force

For some companies, money doesn’t smell, and it doesn’t matter if it costs thousands and thousands of lives of defenders and ordinary Ukrainians.

Oleksandr, CEO of the company ClickID Network

Comment on the phrase “Arbitrage is apolitical.”

Excuse me, everyone, but this is complete nonsense. If politics means missile strikes on civilian women, children in a sovereign state, it once again proves the questionable level of intelligence of those who talk about “peace, friendship, gum.”

Maxim, owner of

Complete nonsense. There is nothing that remains “apolitical” when there is no guarantee that tomorrow a missile will not hit your loved ones and when your close friends are defending the country in trenches at zero, what the hell is “apolitical”?

In times of terrible events, the greatest evil is not to choose a side. You are either for one or the other. There is no alternative.

Oleg, owner of

A stupid expression, invented by Russians, to absolve themselves of responsibility for the crimes of their nation. Only those who call an explosion a pop can call a war politics.

Alex Follow, owner of the channel XXXCPA

In the 21st century, nothing is beyond politics. Sports, creativity, business are connected with politics, no matter what anyone says. Arbitrage is a business where both the advertiser and the webmaster earn. If any of them is Russian, the money goes to continue the terror and support the economy of Mordor.

Artem, COO of Traffic Squad

The arbitrage and SEO community was formed online, in the digital sphere, there were no borders. Old-timers still remember forums, all of them Russian-speaking. That’s where everyone looked for “topics” and traffic, ways to earn money on the internet. The network was also built on offline events in the CIS, with main centers in Kyiv, Moscow, Kazan, Kaliningrad…

It’s a pity that the youth, for the most part, were not interested in history and became a tool in the hands of sick Russian politicians with imperial ambitions. And now it’s easier to remain infantile and irresponsible than to take on the duty to change the government and its course.

I cannot react calmly when influencers, creators, musicians, actors, famous people remain silent and isolated as if nothing is happening. This is complicity in crimes, silent consent, or a mental disorder.

We still have to fight this, because we, representatives of the digital world, must be conscious and responsible, build a healthy, seeing Ukrainian community.

Anastasia Lyashko, CEO of the company Trionika

Self-justification of one’s own comfort zone, own interests. I look at it from my own point of view. Only people who do not understand the situation can say that. Usually, I call such people stupid. And returning to the second point, I met people who really do not understand (or do not want to understand) everything, because they have not felt it themselves. I don’t want to complain, and I don’t wish these people to experience it, but the fact remains a fact.

Anny, owner of the channel Skywalker’s Force

Why do Russians show interest in the Ukrainian information space?

Because it’s a very juicy piece of the audience, which they can try to influence and earn from. Additionally, it’s due to their desire not to be isolated from civilization. Some even actively try to convince the editor and me in personal messages that they are representatives of a “international company.”🤡

There’s also a trend of adding a Ukrainian language version to many professional media from Russia (allegedly out of respect for users). All they have left is to try to mimic, if not Ukrainians, then at least “good Russians.”

Besides, most of the top teams and partner programs actually originated from Ukraine.

Maxim, owner of

It’s pretty simple. Even before the war, there were quite a few cool teams in Ukraine and heightened interest in the affiliate niche (thanks to Sasha Slobodzhenko and other local influencers). Across the country, especially in large cities, there were quite a few teams of different sizes and solo webmasters. 

The interest in the Ukrainian information space from Russian companies is the same as it was before the war – it’s a market with money and people who understand Russian.

Oleg, owner of

For the same reason they are invading Ukrainian territory. They believe it’s their only information space, theirs. Ukraine has many top arbitrage professionals, products, and partner programs. Often our people set trends, and they don’t want to lose this market.

Alex Follow, owner of the channel XXXCPA

The information space is an important lever of influence on consciousness, to show the inferiority of Ukraine, sow seeds of doubt in the correctness of Ukrainians’ actions, show the “good” life in the swamps, etc. 

The information war is extremely important today; Russians are ready to spend millions of dollars on fakes, ordered articles, and information resources to win it.

Artem, COO of Traffic Squad

They want to control, but it’s getting harder for them. They’re afraid, because now it’s a matter of their existence. We need to be enslaved for their continuation. Distort reality, reshape it to their sick mold.

I repeat, there’s a chasm between us. They can’t fathom that we are humane, intelligent, progressive, our values are unattainable for them, our treasures, which they so desire to appropriate — it’s definitely not a toilet or washing machine taken to the swamps in a car.

Our task now is to strengthen and fortify our information space, care for its purity, quality, and diversity of Ukrainian content. Which Geek and other colleagues are doing. Thank you!

Anastasia Lyashko, CEO of the company Trionika

There is one fact — Ukrainians are the best arbitrators and IT specialists. Most cool features, innovations in the affiliate industry are invented by Ukrainians. Here were born the top affiliate programs, talented arbitrators who set the pace for everyone. The only problem — we still don’t have big media to tell about this, but we will fix it. We are developing stronger thanks to our unity, complementing each other. And the weak are always interested in learning how to become strong)

Anny, owner of the channel Skywalker’s Force

Quite comprehensive answers, right? Rejecting everything Russian is a matter of our survival. It’s been a long-standing issue, but only now, under social pressure, companies have begun their active derussification. It’s worth stopping to tolerate the culture of the enemy, the language of the enemy, and to cooperate with so-called “good Russians.”

After each air raid, caused by missile threats, after every news of explosions and the deaths of civilians and military, the realization of the rotten nature of Russians must become clearer, and the desire to create a quality Ukrainian product — stronger.

Our future in arbitrage depends on us now. We have every reason to consider ourselves worthy representatives of European values and have the opportunity to spread quality content with the “UA” mark among our citizens and citizens of other countries.

Main message: For the civilized world to perceive us as a separate sovereign state with its own thousand-year culture and history, we must cultivate them ourselves. The same goes for the language: why should foreigners distinguish us from Russians if we forget where our roots are and what language is our state language? Only in Ukraine do we have the opportunity to receive Ukrainian-language content and have the right to demand it from everyone who provides us services and, accordingly, earns money. 

What can we do today? 

  1. Switch to Ukrainian in all areas of life. Use English and other international languages for cooperation with the European and American markets. We understand that it’s quite difficult if Russian was the main language for most of life. However, you can start with Ukrainian films or change the language of your smartphone interface in the settings. Also, respond to people online in Ukrainian. In this case, you will have time to formulate sentences.
  2. Stop consuming Russian content. Instead, conduct a small research to find replacements for Russian channels and bloggers. The Ukrainian arbitrage community is growing rapidly, so you will definitely have a choice.
  1. Advice three: don’t be afraid of mistakes. It won’t be easy at first, but it’s definitely the right path. 
  2. Unity is strength. Unite with other Ukrainian specialists, create your communities, share experiences, and grow together.
  3. Get rid of the inferiority complex imposed by Russia. We can reach any heights if we value our talents, skills, abilities, and do not devalue our achievements.
  4. Fight against companies that still tolerate Russian. If you can’t change their direction, replace their product with another Ukrainian product that matches your values.
  5. Don’t forget to donate. The more we invest in victory, the sooner it will come.

We are confident that all these actions will accelerate our distancing from the Russian market, contribute to the development of purely Ukrainian networking, and the construction of a new arbitrage and not only culture. While our warriors defend our territory and our lives, we will defend the basis of our identity — culture.

We look forward to your opinion in our community.

Glory to Ukraine and our heroes!

With hope for accelerated derussification, your Geek.

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