We are pleased to welcome you back to our pages, where we always try to share valuable knowledge and recommendations with you. Today, we are delighted to have invited the team from “Just Traffic Pro” to share their secret tips with you, which will add pluses for you to successfully pass an interview and join an affiliate marketing team.

They will reveal their own secrets and tell you how to present yourself better to stand out among other candidates and show your professionalism in this field. So, let’s dive together into the world of traffic arbitration and learn about those tips that can be decisive in your career.

This information will be useful if you have worked in one team for a long time or were solo, not actively looking for a job and do not quite understand what exactly team leads and HR managers expect from you.

So, let’s go!

👀 Let’s start with a pressing issue: cases.

Cases are proofs of your results. Many team leads have heard stories from buyers during interviews about profits of $100,500 with an ROI of 2000. Some of these stories are told on a “maybe it’ll work” basis and are not backed up by screenshots. And sometimes it actually works) And then some of these buyers squander huge budgets and make zero profit.

That’s why teams are forced to carefully select buyers to understand who can be trusted with the company’s budget. Agree, from a business perspective – it’s a completely logical approach. If you made a result in the previous company, then you can show it in the new one. Statistics screenshots are the best proof of this.

Statistically, about 40% of buyers who try to join our team at “Just Traffic Pro” do not have cases at all. “I didn’t think I would be changing jobs, so I didn’t take screenshots.” Sound familiar? Don’t make similar mistakes. Prepare a solid foundation for job searching. It’s unlikely you plan to stay until retirement in one team, so this will come in handy in the future.

Regarding what cases look like. A single screenshot with little information is not a case.

A true case must be structured, understandable to an outsider, and comprehensively show your results and expertise. Choose 2-3 offers with great results. Ideally, make a screenshot where your nickname or name is visible. Which geo did you target? What period? How much did you spend and with what ROI? And then – depending on the vertical: lead price, approval, or inst2reg, reg2dep, how you managed the install price, etc. What’s missing in the screenshots – describe in text. Upload to Google Drive. That’s it, you are armed and especially dangerous (for competing applicants, for sure).

Why it’s better to prepare several cases: one success – could be just luck. But if there are more – it’s a trend. It means you are a pro. Therefore, you can be trusted with tasty offers and a good budget right from the start. You came here to earn, right?

👀 Can you properly convey your experience?

You kick the door open with your foot, writing “so what are your conditions, surprise me” or “why should I choose your company?”

Think about it, what will your answer be if the question is similar to you?

A little advice: when responding to a job listing, start with what valuable experience you can offer the company. Believe me, this will be highly appreciated.

HR or the team lead will ask you about your achievements and strengths by default. And if your achievement is “I never cried at work”, and your super-skill is “I learn very quickly” – I have bad news for you.

If you don’t know what to write in your resume – here’s a small list “to think about”:

  • I’m not stopped by bans – I know 54 ways to bypass them
  • in May 2023, I made the highest profit in the entire team, and in January and February, I was in the TOP-3 in terms of results
  • in the last 6 months, I’ve greatly improved my campaign scaling skills
  • created a unique profitable connection for the Peru geo, ready to show cases with results

Even if you’re a media buying star, no one will ever know if you can’t communicate properly and enumerate your value to the future team.

Learn to sell your experience, and HRs will fight over you in jelly fights 😉

👀NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

A quite popular thing nowadays and useful for the company. However, increasingly, buyers have found a way to extract benefit from this for themselves too.

I’ve repeatedly seen resumes where a buyer had listed 3, 4, 5 teams – and all under NDA!

Convenient, isn’t it?) Especially if the buyer is a master of losing money or didn’t leave the previous company on good terms. No one will be able to ask for recommendations from other teams, and therefore – won’t receive a negative review. Again convenient, if there are no cases to be proud of – “I can’t show anything – I’ve signed a non-disclosure.”

But the hiring side has also understood this theme long ago. Any self-respecting team, especially with a good name, is likely to reject you if your entire work history is under the “Classified!” label. It always looks very suspicious. One of the foundations of any quality work relationship – honesty and openness from both sides at the start. And no matter how talented the buyer is, if they do not inspire trust – it will be hard to find their place under the sun.

Gentlemen buyers, it’s not worth messing in your own porridge and abusing pseudo-NDA.

Moreover, if a renowned team is mentioned in the resume – it will additionally attract the employer’s attention to you and distinguish you among the general mass of candidates.

Shall we summarize?)

  • Someday you’ll want to move on: more money\better offers\switch from office to remote work, etc. Or your current team ceases to exist. And you start looking for a job.

Prepare skis in summer, and cases – while you haven’t quit and have access to statistics.

  • Learn to “sell” your experience: if you aim to join a cool team with good conditions – show that you’re worth it. Start the acquaintance with what you can offer the company – and they will immediately see a gem in you.
  • The space of Ukrainian media buying is quite tight. And if you try to hide any compromising information, the truth will emerge if not early, then… timely. If there are moments in your work biography that make you want to cover up with NDA, think differently: how to answer a tricky question at an interview or articulate information correctly, without unnecessary details, not putting neither yourself nor the ex-employer in a bad light. You’ll be surprised, but what may repel one team lead, another might find completely reasonable. Be sincere. Explain that you made mistakes and learned from them.

If you take into account the listed points – your chances of quickly finding a new team will increase fourfold. And who knows, maybe we’ll be among those hunting for you:)  We are actively expanding our team, so…one, two, three, four, five, do you know how to push in gambling?;)

This article unveils valuable tips that can become decisive factors when trying to join an affiliate marketing team. Overall, these tips from the team at “Just Traffic Pro” will be extremely useful for all those dreaming of a career in an affiliate marketing team. Implementing these tips will help increase the chances of successfully passing interviews and achieving high results.

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