Case Study Splitting Traffic prepared by the media buying team Trident Media.


  • Geo: Brazil Traffic: FB Offer: Vulkan Vegas, Vulkan Bet, GG Bet, MR.Bet, 1win
  • Spend: $9,850
  • Profit: $19,308.10
  • ROI: ≈ 96%
  • Landers: Registration form, Wheel, Product lander
  • Pouring period: 09.01-09.30 (2022)
  • Add-ons: Trident Apps (

Geo and offer: Brazil is a large geo – it’s the largest country in South America with a population of 210 million, with almost 90% of the population living in cities, providing vast audience coverage opportunities. Plus, Brazilians are a gambling nation, fans and players alike, so combined with cheap traffic, you can count on a decent number of conversions, keep this in mind before you hit the cap limit.

Audience and pouring: For the pour, targeting was set to males 23+, banking on the highest purchasing power, plus, the age group 18-50, demographically the largest in the country. Since the pour was for Android apps Trident, targeting was also set exclusively for Android smartphone users.

Pouring was done through king + 9 auto farms. Each auto farm had 2 ad sets. Ad sets that were not declined were scaled. Daily spend was maintained at around +-$600.

Our buyer had previously tested a group of offers in Brazil and retained those with potential for results – thus the pour was with traffic split across 16 offers, out of which 9 offers performed (as they say, diversification is key) – Vulkan Bet,, Mr.Bet, 1win – the cumulative ROI for them was 100%. Plus, such a split, since it was converting well, insured against the risk of overpouring the cap.

Creatives: Since the official language in Brazil is Portuguese (the only country in this region with this language), other countries in Latin America predominantly speak Spanish, so the creatives were translated to cater to the market demand.

The creatives were made to not be perfect – close examples are provided below. Slots, bonuses were used, and also tapped into Freud with girls.

Both video creatives and static images were used in the work, videos performed worse, probably due to low quality, accordingly, the cost per install for videos was higher, while static images showed a CTR of 1.5%, with the cost per install within $1.5 – $2.5.

The creatives led to Trident apps in the Play Market, different apps were used for different offers.

Thus, during the pour period, the buyer spent $9,850. Profit – $19,300. ROI – 96%

Thanks to the advertisers for great offers, and for you, the recommendation – if one geo flies well – split the traffic and remember about the cap and conversions.

Geek thanks for the provided case to the media buying team Trident Media 🤝

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