Hello, community! Today, we’re diving in with a review of an awesome case study from Bigtraff in collaboration with Cosmolot Partners. It’s not necessary to target Africa or Asia to achieve great results. Ukraine also has a big future in gambling, and this case is direct proof.

Let’s remind that Cosmolot Partners is the official affiliate program of the first licensed online casino in Ukraine. It’s beneficial to work with it because it’s a direct advertiser, whose name is constantly on the radar of both regular and potential players thanks to strong media support. Payment systems work steadily, statistics are transparent and detailed, support is fast, and conditions are provided individually and undeniably beneficial for every partner, ensuring effective cooperation for all parties.

We have already done a review on this AP, where we detailed all features and advantages, as well as looked into the webmaster’s personal account. If you haven’t read it, we still recommend checking out this top affiliate program in the gambling vertical.


  • Geo: Ukraine
  • Traffic: Facebook + chat-bot
  • Offer: Cosmolot
  • Leakage period: July 2023
  • ROI: 75%+


Ukraine is equipped with fairly fast and reasonably priced internet access covering most of our territory. Considering the intensive digitization, the number of social media users is increasing, thereby expanding the audience. The same goes for mobile applications, which arbitrageurs are actively targeting now.

Gambling is one way to relax. And now, for Ukrainians, it is more relevant than ever. The formula is simple: gambling nature + desire to distract + accurate creative = good leakage results.

Media visibility matters. A plus of targeting a well-known, moreover licensed, online casino is that the user constantly sees advertising for this product not only online but also offline. The name constantly appears before their eyes and is well remembered. Therefore, when there is a desire to try one’s luck, a bright creative with an already familiar casino more quickly attracts the user to play and, accordingly, brings a good income to webmasters.

Also, an advantage is the relatively easy scaling. Often, similar approaches and similar creatives work well for different advertisers, and the conversion remains at the same level. There’s no need to delve into payment slips, approaches, and user mentality, as everything is quite clear.


As always, numerous tests were conducted, and the most profitable option turned out to be Facebook in combination with a chat+bot. This channel proved to be the most effective for maximizing the reach of the target audience. Additionally, a chat-bot is a good tool for personalizing communication with users.


Various options were tested, but in this case, statics showed the best results. Thanks to the clear presentation of information, the potential client quickly understands what is being offered to them.

For example, we add a few of the best creatives. Nothing superfluous: just a hot offer and a call to a simple action.

Each of these creatives further offered to choose a convenient messenger for them (Viber or Telegram) to subscribe to the chat+bot. This approach helped establish a closer connection with the potential client.

In the messenger, a personalized funnel was divided into three branches: new subscribers, registered, and those who made a deposit. Accordingly, target content for each type of user appeared in the bot. This approach increased the likelihood of attracting new clients and retaining already registered ones.

We immediately address the new subscriber by name to establish contact. We show that we care about the user and offer a bonus to encourage registration.
An example of content for a registered user. And again, we see an offer that’s hard to refuse, along with a short, clear instruction with a call-to-action button.
For a user who has already made a deposit, the tone of voice doesn’t change much, but it’s important to add current jokes or phrases known to the target audience to attract and be memorable.

The most important task of such content is not to burden with excessive information but to convey the essence clearly, considering the required tone of voice.

Traffic was leaked throughout July, with more than 200+ deposits made. The ROI of the leakage was over 75%, indicating efficient use of funds and the undoubted success of the campaign.

  • Click2sub (subscriber) — 30%
  • Sub2reg — 14%
  • Reg2dep — 23%


By choosing the right approach, it’s possible to profitably promote offers that have been on the market for a long time. It’s not always necessary to look for something new, as new an easy way to promote. It’s possible to try to improve and optimize existing market offers. Detailed campaign planning using various tools for attraction, as well as selecting the correct way to communicate with the audience, are likely to lead to good results. And this case is a vivid example that promoting the gambling vertical in the Ukrainian market is quite profitable.

Geek sincerely thanks the Bigtraff team  and Cosmolot Partners for this case as a good example of profitable gambling promotion in Ukraine with FB traffic 🙂

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