Hello, community! Affiliate marketing is a vast niche where people of different professions must find mutual understanding, from website owners to full-fledged marketing agencies. But if the lion is the king of all animals in the savannah, then in affiliate marketing, it’s, as you might guess, the affiliate marketer.

Today, we offer you a comprehensive look at the affiliate marketer as a separate profession within the digital marketing niche. We also remind you of our other materials that can be useful for both professionals and beginners – AFFILIATE PROGRAMS – SOMETHING UNATTAINABLE FOR BEGINNERS?.

Who is an Affiliate Marketer?

To understand who an affiliate marketer is, we need to explain the process they are involved in.

Yes, traffic arbitration is the monetization of internet traffic by converting it from one model to another. For example, we buy traffic on a CPC model (pay per click to an advertising company) and convert it to CPA (where traffic after clicking on an ad performs an action necessary for us to complete the conversion).

An affiliate marketer is a person engaged in advertising arbitration. That is, they build full-fledged advertising campaigns within which traffic is purchased in one place and then sold (or dumped) in another. The difference between the cost of buying/selling is the profit, or revenue.

However, it’s important to understand the risks. If the affiliate marketer fails to convert the traffic they purchased, they go into the red. Low conversion, or even its absence, means wasted money and time.

What Role Does an Affiliate Marketer Play in Affiliate Marketing?

The affiliate marketer is one of the key roles in affiliate marketing. Interestingly, there are four main roles: the advertiser, CPA network, target audience, and, of course, the affiliate marketer.

The advertiser provides the product and pays the commission for its sale, the CPA network is responsible for facilitating communication between the ad and the affiliate marketer, and the affiliate marketer brings traffic (target audience) to the advertiser, using tools of the CPA partnership.

Regarding earnings, the key profit of an affiliate marketer is the difference between the cost of buying traffic and its subsequent sale, as we have already noted. But also consider related expenses, without which it’s impossible to set up ad campaigns: buying accounts, creatives, software payments, etc. All this should also be taken into account when calculating net profit.

What’s the Difference Between an Affiliate Marketer and a Webmaster?

Sometimes an affiliate marketer and a webmaster are compared. This is a mistake. While an affiliate marketer buys traffic and sets up ad campaigns, a webmaster has their own traffic source, typically a website.

There’s also another similar profession – media buyer. Unlike an affiliate marketer, who needs to work on setting up ad campaigns and analytics, a media buyer only purchases targeted advertising and scales revenue from already effective connections. Media buyers are usually part of large affiliate teams.

What Does an Affiliate Marketer Do?

In general, we have already talked about the key role of an affiliate marketer. But to perform it at a proper level and profitably, an affiliate marketer needs not just to buy clicks and convert them. They must also:

  • Set up and launch an advertising campaign;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of ad campaigns: follow metrics, find strengths and weaknesses of the campaign, improve it by drawing conclusions from the analysis;
  • Analyze the target audience to improve ad campaigns and earn higher profits;
  • Be able to analyze the work of competitors, their cases;
  • Stay informed, always follow trends, adopt positive experiences;
  • Be able to choose a quality traffic source;
  • Create and implement sales funnels;
  • Set up cloaking if you are not working with white offers.
  • Depending on the specific case, the affiliate marketer may have to do other work. For example, create landings or Safe Pages if they are not provided by the advertiser or network. Nowadays, this need arises not so often, and it’s often outsourced, but it’s important to understand that in some cases, this skill will be necessary for successful work.

Why Are We Doing This?

The main question that might arise for experienced affiliate marketers is, why are we even writing this? Firstly, even those who are already involved in affiliate marketing do not always understand where their authority and responsibilities begin and end. We also hope that this material will greatly help newcomers who are still looking for their place in the niche.

Regardless, whether you are a newbie or an experienced shark, we strongly advise you to visit our Telegram community, where you will find even more fresh and useful information.

With respect, Your Geek!

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