Welcome, community! Have you ever felt like you’re engaged in something not quite right for you? Even if you perform your job very professionally, it doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy it. Unfortunately, this is normal. But more often, people want to join a particular niche but can’t decide on a specialization in affiliate marketing. Our new material is aimed precisely at these individuals.

Before we begin, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our article that will help you choose the most optimal vertical and GEO for yourself: How to start as a newbie in affiliate marketing: choosing GEO and vertical.

Before we begin

It’s important to realize that being in affiliate marketing isn’t just about working as an arbitrator, spending lots of time with charts, setting up campaigns, and so on. Moreover, even some arbitrators delegate most of these processes to other specialists, allowing them to focus on the most crucial work processes.

Therefore, the main thing is your feelings, and importantly, your skills and talents. Are you good at drawing, or do you have a way with words? There’s a specialization for every talent where you’ll feel confident, maximizing profit from your professional activities.

Affiliate Marketer

Let’s start with the main role – the affiliate marketer. This is the primary profession in affiliate marketing and, coincidentally, the most complex. The uniqueness of this specialization is that it combines several less significant specializations. If an affiliate marketer lacks necessary creatives and the budget is extremely limited, they start designing banners themselves or even creating landing pages. This is considered the norm.

The main job of an affiliate marketer is to purchase traffic, directing it to the advertiser’s offers. The difference between the money spent on buying traffic and the profit received from the advertiser constitutes their net profit.

In the process, the affiliate marketer pays attention to metrics, experiments with flows, sets up advertising campaigns. Their primary duty can be considered the ability to analyze numbers, rationally allocate and generally form budgets, find new connections, and always follow trends. So, if you have an analytical mindset, aren’t intimidated by numbers, and don’t mind occasionally doing monotonous work, your specialization is an affiliate marketer.

Media Buyer   

Media Buyer is a more niche specialization. These professionals are involved in purchasing advertising space. The main tasks here include:

  • Analyzing the goals of the marketing campaign
  • Evaluating the portrait of the potential consumer
  • Finding the most optimal advertising space
  • Setting up the campaign (not always done by the media buyer themselves)
  • Looking for new projects

The most important aspect is understanding who needs to be sold a particular product. So, if you have a good grasp of sociology, or even if you’re drawn to human psychology and are developing in this direction, working as a media buyer is your chance not only to master a really cool and profitable profession but also to conduct experiments and see whether those sociology and psychology textbooks actually work, or whether it would have been better to spend that “thousand from Zelensky” on beer and chips.


A copywriter is a person who writes unique texts, predominantly of an advertising nature. The main task is to create content. Not just content that sells, but also optimized for search engines. Because if the project entails that traffic to the offer will be purely organic, you’ll need to sweat it out to write a bunch of SEO-optimized texts.

In general, copywriters today do almost all the “writing work”: from writing text for landings to advertising slogans or texts for TikTok videos.

This profession is suitable not only for those who can write but also for people who spend a lot of time with books. Understanding what the text should be like is already half the battle. Learning to write is experience you will acquire quite quickly.

Creative, Designer

One of the most creative professions in affiliate marketing is the creative. These individuals are involved in creating advertising materials, predominantly graphic ones. The salary of a great creative can even be higher than an affiliate marketer’s profit. But for this, you need:

·        Understand the basics of marketing to grasp how to sell through promos

·        Be able to create graphics, videos, or even animations

The main thing here, obviously, is the presence of creative thinking. After all, creative people once created the images of those famous brands that can now be recognized by just a fragment of their logo. As for the marketing direction of the promo, the affiliate marketers, for whom you’ll be creating creatives, will help you with that. Eventually, you’ll understand how it should work yourself, allowing you to increase your check while spending less time on various projects.


In my personal opinion, one of the most challenging professions in affiliate marketing is the farmer. This role requires performing a vast amount of work to achieve significant profit.

A farmer is a person who creates and warms up accounts on social networks and advertising networks. Sometimes they may purchase them if the budget allows.

The main advantage of working as a farmer today is the availability of various software and scripts that allow automating the workflow. But setting them up requires certain technical skills, understanding programming to customize scripts for yourself, etc.


Actually, these are just the basic professions that you can easily master if you have at least basic skills, which we also remembered to write about. But in general, almost any of your talents can be realized in affiliate marketing. For instance, are you good at motivating people? Then you should be a team leader! Do you find common ground with people, see them everywhere, and can assess their professional level? Welcome to the HR department!

Affiliate marketing is not just about prospects; it’s about the freedom to choose the job that makes you fall in love with it. Perhaps that’s why arbitrage is so popular here, in Ukraine. Because who, if not us, loves and values freedom so much?

What role do you perform in affiliate marketing? Join us in our Telegram community and tell us more, so we can prepare a sequel to this hopefully interesting material in the future!

With infinite respect, Your Geek!

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