Welcome, community! Nearly two months into 2024 have already passed, which has allowed us to see in which direction affiliate marketing is currently evolving. Naturally, these trends may have a short-term effect, but they are already manifesting and should be worked with, not ignored, to maximize profit. Thus, we suggest you consider the top 5 trends in affiliate marketing that are relevant today.

But before we begin, remember that last year we already tried to make predictions and pondered how the gambling market in Ukraine would change in 2024. You can reread and assess whether we were right or wrong in our forecasts.

Today we will look at the main trends that are already shaping up in affiliate marketing. We will discuss those verticals and offers that are already bringing the most profit to marketers today. So, if you still don’t know where to direct your traffic – here’s some food for thought!

1. iGaming Offers – Almost the Industry Leader

The iGaming vertical, which includes game offers as well as gambling and betting, is one of the most popular niches today. The niche has attracted not only a large number of players but also marketers and influencers, ensuring rapid industry growth.

According to Statista, the vertical will continue to grow actively, engaging more than 243 million users by 2028. This refers only to gambling! The market volume itself will reach $138.1 billion over the next four years.

Currently, iGaming converts well. For this purpose, it is best to use:

  • Niche websites as a traffic source to pour organic traffic. It is a bit more expensive than alternatives but shows the best conversion today;
  • Also, campaigns launched through Popunder and later scaled with push notifications remain relevant.

Choosing the right GEO remains crucial for obtaining the highest profit, about which we have already written extensively, so we invite you to read more.

2. Mobile Apps

Various mobile apps convert surprisingly well. Among the leaders are VPN apps, which perform well for both iOS and Android traffic. However, there is a distinct difference between these operating systems:

  • Android users also install and use various apps for cleaning junk on their devices or speeding up their smartphones;
  • On iOS, ad-blocking apps and file managers are installed.

The difference also lies in the chosen GEO and the type of conversion. For Android, it is better to direct traffic from the USA, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and almost any tier-3 country. For iOS devices, the relevant GEOs are the USA and first-tier countries.

For conversion, Android only needs to focus on app downloads since monetization occurs through in-app ads, ensuring the partner profits regardless. For iOS traffic, it is better to choose monetization models that involve the user’s use of a free version of the app with an automatic subscription renewal in the future. The conversion here is slightly lower, but the commissions are significantly higher. Thus, you will receive your profit in any case.

3. E-commerce Still Selling Strongly

The year 2024 shows that the E-commerce vertical still maintains a high conversion rate. Specialists are focusing on campaign optimization, particularly using voluntary push subscriptions to maintain only targeted and loyal traffic.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the diversity of your content. Engage your audience with various E-commerce products to maximize profit.

Among the best GEOs for this vertical are the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Colombia, as well as Bulgaria and Poland.

4. People Still Interested in Loans, So Pour Into Financial Offers

The finance niche, relevant in the past but quite complex, also shows good results this year. Directing traffic to fast loans, insurance, or offers from major banks for opening accounts and issuing bank cards is still an opportunity to receive a high check. Among the recommendations we can mention:

  • Master the Indian market to gain the most profit;
  • Targeting is everything, and push notifications, which generally convert well in 2024, can serve as the main tool;
  • Choose strictly legal offers to ensure your profit doesn’t turn out to be a bubble and lead to sanctions from advertising networks. It would take a long time to resolve, so it’s better to choose white-hat offers right away.

The niche is not only viable but also profitable. So let’s experiment, as it is extremely advantageous right now.

5. Browser Extensions – The Main Surprise of 2024

Finally, let’s talk about a trend that almost no one expected – the high demand for browser extensions. Interestingly, the GEO here consists almost entirely of tier-1 countries. The best-converting traffic comes from the USA, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and also India.

Which products to choose? Focus on antiviruses and coupons. The monetization model is CPA. It’s best to launch the campaign using Popunder.

Let Us Summarize

Well, are you surprised by how 2024 has started? To me, it’s more or less predictable. However, the fifth point on our TOP is a big surprise. Perhaps because many still underestimate the browser extension vertical, ignoring it. But in vain, because there is also demand there. And where there’s demand, there’s money!

Drop by our Telegram community to boast about how you invested in extensions at the end of last year and have now saved up for a new “Lambo.” And the whole community will believe you!

With respect and a bit of humor, Your Geek!

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