Hello, community! We’ve already written about the important collaboration between Binance and Trustee Plus. Today, we decided to tell you more about what Trustee Plus is and why it’s worth using for storing and using cryptocurrency.

What is Trustee Plus?

Trustee Plus is a comprehensive solution that simplifies working with cryptocurrency. The platform allows you to easily buy crypto using a virtual bank card. Let’s not forget about the aforementioned collaboration with Binance, from which you can also top up your wallet using Binance Pay. The fee for this is only 0.5%.

Trustee Plus – reliable Ukrainian crypto wallet for arbitrageurs

But it’s important to note that Trustee Plus is not just a wallet. Yes, you can use it to hold cryptocurrency or even fiat – you will definitely not have any problems with that. You can also easily exchange cryptocurrency, especially within the system.

What’s most important is that Trustee Plus allows you to conveniently use your assets even for everyday transactions, using crypto similarly to fiat. This has been made possible thanks to the Trustee Card.

What is the Trustee Card?

One of the key features of Trustee Plus is the availability of its own payment card, Trustee Card. It, by the way, topped the list of crypto cards in Ukraine according to MNBC crypto publication.

It allows you to pay for goods in over 60+ million stores worldwide, including in Ukraine. It can be linked to a USDT wallet, and crypto will be deducted at the point of payment, being converted into the fiat currency you are transacting with.

What is Trustee Card

So buying a bunch of onions with crypto is not just a meme, it’s a very real possibility that you can use under certain conditions:

  1. To get a card, you need to register in the app using an EU standard document for verification: a biometric passport, ID card. A booklet-type passport will not work. But even if you initially passed the verification using an old model passport but also have an EU sample document, you can still get a card through customer service;
  2. The cost of issuing a card is 10 EUR. This amount must be on your wallet.

And that’s it! Pay for products at ATB – crypto is deducted from the balance at the exchange rate to € according to the prices inside Trustee Plus itself.

We also emphasize that Trustee Card is a virtual card. So you definitely won’t lose it. And all you need to use it is an NFC module and Apple Pay or Google Pay functionality on your smartphone.

Moreover, it’s also a European card. Thanks to this, you have quite a large limit, namely – 5,000 € per day, and 50, 000 € per month. So using Trustee Plus to buy a large volume of advertising is no problem.

You can also withdraw cash at an ATM equipped with an NFC module. In this case, the limit will be 2,000 € per day, and 20,000 € per month. The commission for cash withdrawal is 1€ + 1% of the amount.

Features of Trustee Plus

Let’s talk about what distinguishes Trustee Plus from traditional hot wallets. And it’s not just the virtual card.

Firstly, it implements many exchange instruments that allow you to exchange crypto, buy it, send it, and so on. You can add a card, save it, and conveniently top up the balance – that’s cool.

The next interesting aspect is achievements. Of course, they are more aimed at beginners who have just registered. However, even such a small feature already makes the app much more interesting. For achievements, you earn money, up to 100 hryvnias. What to do with them? Right, donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! After all, Trustee Plus is a Ukrainian app.

Features of Trustee Plus
Features of Trustee Plus

And what do Ukrainians do better than others? Right – usability. Thanks to this, using the app is extremely convenient, and much more pleasant than other exchanges or wallets. The interface is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, everything is in its place, works fast and smoothly. And this is extremely important when you use the app quite often.

And finally – customer service. It not only provides quality assistance but also responds quickly. Typically, a ticket is considered within a minute, after which you already receive a response from the manager.

Advantages of Trustee Plus for affiliates

Let’s talk specifically about our line of work and why you might need Trustee Plus.

Starting with the most important. The virtual card from Trustee Plus is a European card with a balance in Euros. This makes it much easier to work with conditional FB or Google Ads when you pay for advertising. And even if your card along with the account gets banned, it won’t be a problem. The money stays in place, and to continue working with a new account, you just need to create a new card, which can be done in a few clicks.

The next advantage is savings, specifically – saving on commissions. Firstly, you do not pay a commission when you exchange stablecoins. Additionally, even mass transfers in USDT, which are implemented here, are also commission-free. This is extremely advantageous, especially when you are working with a team, and you need to distribute payroll.

Let’s also emphasize that the transfers themselves are extremely convenient. You just need to create a template, specify the phone numbers of the recipients who are also registered in Trustee Plus, indicate the currency and the amount of crypto you are sending. Save the template, after which the monthly payroll distribution turns from a routine into something that can be done in seconds.

Moreover, even if the person whose number you have listed among the recipients does not have Trustee Plus installed, they will receive an SMS about the receipt of money. And after they download and install the app, they will receive the transfer.

There is also a referral system. So if you recommend the app to a fellow affiliate, and they actively use it, you will receive a lifetime percentage of their exchange commissions.

The referral program has two levels: you will receive 25% for your referral, and 20% for a referral brought by your referral. There are also other rewards that you earn throughout using the app.

How to Register in Trustee Plus?

The algorithm for creating your own account in Trustee Plus is as follows:

  • Download the app, or search in the AppStore or Google Play
  • Enter your mobile number, receive an SMS message, enter the code
  • Undergo KYC verification using an ID card, biometric passport, booklet-type passport, or a document confirming residence permit in the country
  • Provide your email address
  • Indicate your source of income

That’s it! Now you are part of a community that holds and uses crypto conveniently and safely.

If you want to obtain a virtual card, you need to fund your account. Press “Top Up,” choose the currency and the payment method.

top up Trustee Plus
top up Trustee Plus

The balance can also be topped up by other methods: deposit hryvnia and the crypto wallet will convert them into the necessary currency, transfer money from an exchange, another wallet, exchanges, or using p2p.

Go to the “Card” section, agree to the terms of service, and press “Get”. If you have previously passed verification using an ID card or a foreign passport, you will receive your virtual card.


Trustee Plus is one of the most convenient cryptocurrency tools available on the market. It is worth noting that this is also a Ukrainian application, which intrinsically adds value and motivates daily use. Investing in a Ukrainian product is what needs to be done today.

Beyond that, you can see for yourself how many advantages Trustee Plus provides with its virtual card. It not only creates opportunities to use cryptocurrency for everyday purchases, but it also facilitates affiliate marketing activities, allowing you to fund accounts for campaigns or disburse salaries to a large team within minutes.

If you have not yet had the chance to experience Trustee Plus and ensure that it is pure pleasure, it is essential to correct this immediately. Also, as always, we remind you that subscribing to our Telegram community is a +50% to ROI!

Respectfully, Your Geek!

Trustee Plus – Reliable Ukrainian Crypto Wallet FAQs

What is Trustee Plus?

Trustee Plus is a Ukrainian mobile app that allows you to store, exchange, and accumulate cryptocurrency, as well as make payments using the Trustee Card virtual card.

What is the Trustee Card?

The Trustee Card is a European virtual banking card that can be used for payments or cash withdrawals at ATMs with NFC technology.

Who can order a Trustee Card?

Physical individuals who have passed verification using an ID card, a foreign passport, or a document proving a residence permit in the country can become owners of the Trustee Card. This includes citizens of Ukraine (except temporarily occupied territories), residents of EU countries, and some others.

Is the Trustee Card a debit or a credit card?

The Trustee Card is a debit card that does not have a credit limit.

How much does it cost to maintain the Trustee Card?

The issuance of the Trustee Card costs 10 euros. There is no maintenance fee for the card.

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