Case prepared by the team “Just Traffic Pro”

  • Offer – Love X (MX)
  • Country – Mexico
  • Partners – SkyLead
  • Period 07.2021 – 06.2022
  • Profit – $461,000
  • Expenses – $222,000
  • Net Profit – $239,000
  • ROI – 107%
  • Number of leads – 88,910
  • Average cost per lead $2.5
  • Payout – $18
  • Average total approval rate 29%

Last summer, we began collaborating with SkyLead.

We had previous experience with adult traffic, including in LATAM, so we already had the expertise and understanding of the approaches. After receiving the necessary offer conditions, we started to pour traffic and test promotional materials.

During the pouring period, we tested a significant number of landers since they burned out, and after finding the conversion leaders, we customized them (changed styles, lander headers, updated main characters, changed photos, comments), refreshed the content, which extended their life.

One of the landers that performed well is shown below:

Regarding account work, we went through the whole journey, worked with farms, regs, BMs, and other accounts, and over the distance, farms and personal accounts showed the best performance (after they were unblocked).

In our work, we used builders and local white pages (at different periods of working with FB, one setup or another performed better).

We tried to work on the account’s longevity, so we made unique creatives between accounts, different links, whites.

Globally, there were many launches, but among the general mass, there were those that caught on and spent.

For creatives, we tried to use less aggressive approaches; they spent well, showed high approval, and a decent spend from the account.

Here are examples of creatives and spend screenshots from Delphin (used it for collecting stats):

Throughout the work with the offer, we conducted a matrix of tests with creatives.

We used a teaser approach with garlic, ginger, and others, creatives with the product logo, creatives with doctors, adult creatives with blur, pills (the latter proved to be the most effective in terms of accounts and conversion).

The cost per lead varied from $1.5 to $4 at different periods of the pour.

Here’s a screenshot from our CRM:

Conclusion: It’s possible to work with one offer for a long time, but several nuances need to be followed:

1 – Choosing a geo with a large audience (the fresher, the better, there will be less hassle work with promotional materials)

2 – A fresh offer and verified partner, with competitive market conditions

3 – Great expertise in working with the vertical (or a lot of tests and expenses to acquire it)

4 – Continuous work on the launch setup, one launch variation won’t work forever, the more you have, the better, we recommend at least 3 variants (different accounts/spending/links/creatives etc.)

5 – Constant testing of promotional materials and refining current ones

6 – An experienced team to implement all of the above 😉

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Geek thanks for the provided case to the team “Just Traffic Pro” 🤝

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