Traditionally, we greet you, community! Today, we’ll talk about the Trustee Plus crypto wallet and its partnership with the cryptocurrency industry giant Binance. If you still don’t know, Trustee Plus is a Ukrainian platform that allows you to easily use digital assets and withdraw them in hryvnia to a bank card, which even Binance itself cannot do.

Also, we remind you that this topic will be a good addition to our recent article, where we talked about asset diversification using cryptocurrency.

What is Trustee Plus?

Trustee Plus is a Ukrainian product, which is quite important when it comes to the security of personal data and money. Conceptually, Trustee Plus can be compared to Monobank: it’s just as convenient an app with a minimalist interface, which makes it very easy to work with cryptocurrency.

Trustee Plus offers its users:

  • High speed of transactions
  • Support for more than 30 coins and various protocols: TRC20, ERC20, BEP20
  • High level of protection for your assets

The most important thing is that thanks to Trustee Plus, you can use your cryptocurrency in the most convenient way: pay with it, convert it into hryvnia, or vice versa – buy it when bitcoin drops again. All this is extremely convenient, which is why the app can confidently be recommended to friends who are quite far from the cryptocurrency movement.

They also have their own referral program: the user receives 25% of the exchange commissions of all friends they have invited and another 20% from the commissions of all the people those friends have invited. Rates can be swapped, which is quite interesting.

Finally, Trustee Plus issues its own bank cards for payments. It can be ordered through the app. The cost of the card is €10. But to celebrate the collaboration between Trustee Plus and Binance, there is currently a 50% discount, which will be valid until February 25 of this year.

The partnership between Trustee Plus and Binance: why is it important, and what benefits have we received?

But let’s talk about something else. Namely, about the banger of this month: on January 23, the Binance blog pages announced the integration of Binance Pay and Trustee Plus:

«We are pleased to inform you that from today, the Binance community of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Ukraine and Moldova, can join the family of Trustee Plus – a crypto wallet with an integrated payment card, allowing you to pay using your crypto balance anywhere there are payment banking terminals: shops, cafes, gyms, taxis, restaurants, and so on.

No more extra effort on exchanging or withdrawing cryptocurrency for everyday life payments. Simply link one of three accounts: BTC, ETH, or USDT in the Trustee Plus wallet to the card and spend up to 5000 EUR per day, or up to 50,000 EUR per month without a second thought.»

Let’s start with the fact that this step has significantly boosted the Ukrainian crypto community. After all, the partnership of our project with a giant of the cryptocurrency world is a real recognition that will allow us to develop our own market even more rapidly in the future, outpacing other European countries.

As for more practical benefits, now Ukrainians who used Binance to store cryptocurrency can forget about p2p. Because previously, directly converting cryptocurrency into fiat and withdrawing it to a card was simply impossible. It was necessary to use p2p, which had certain disadvantages:

  • Each player sets their own rate
  • Sometimes extremely limited limits
  • Low speed of offer processing

In addition, even the National Bank of Ukraine puts obstacles in the way, introducing certain restrictions on working with cryptocurrency. But this is quite understandable, as in 2022 there was a sharp need to maintain the stability of the hryvnia. This happened against the backdrop of everyone who could not buy dollars rushing to buy USDT and BTC. That’s how the economy works.

Now all these operations are much easier to perform. All you need to do is link your Binance account to Trustee Plus. After that, you will be able to pay with cryptocurrency, using the Trustee Plus card as a tool, and the money will be “coming” from your account in Binance.

It is also important that there is no commission if you top up Trustee Plus using the Binance USDT balance. Because this is the most relevant stablecoin today, used for settlements both in affiliate marketing and in the freelance service market in general.

Currently, support for three types of accounts of the most popular coins has been implemented: BTC, ETH, and USDT. It is quite possible that in the future there will be an opportunity to link other accounts as well. For now, we only have the beginning of the partnership, which we very much hope will evolve into something much bigger.


The partnership between Trustee Plus and Binance is great news. And it is quite possible that we do not even realize how important this is for Ukraine and the Ukrainian cryptocurrency market. But the fact that this is a very positive shift is quite an obvious fact.

Moreover, now we have the opportunity to really comfortably use cryptocurrency in everyday life, without all those rituals, searching for the best rate on p2p, etc. What are your impressions of this news? Join the discussion in our Telegram community, it’s always hot there!

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