Hello, community! The topic of GEO is one of the key elements in traffic arbitrage, as choosing the target region is truly an extremely important part of the affiliate marketing strategy. It determines the success of the advertising campaign and, accordingly, your profit as a webmaster. It is essential to clearly understand which offers to promote and where to do so in order to achieve worthy results and have the opportunity to cooperate with the best affiliates, advertisers, and actively increase your experience.

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At first glance, it may seem that choosing a GEO for a campaign is a simple task. However, a successful campaign is preceded by a deep analysis of the offer, its features, and the regions that can give you the best conversion.

By identifying the target audience and the regions of their highest concentration, you will smoothly move on to creating creatives, where you will also need to consider all the nuances of the GEO you have chosen for promotion. But let’s go step by step.

So what are the key criteria for choosing GEO in traffic arbitrage that need to be considered to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and not waste the budget? Let’s figure it out.


As we have already mentioned, the correct choice of geo is part of a successful advertising campaign strategy. We have collected the main factors to pay attention to when determining GEO for the selected offer.

Target audience. Depending on the region, users from different places can have absolutely different needs and interests according to cultural and geographical characteristics. And it depends on you whether you direct your traffic to those users who are interested in the promoted product.

Average age of residents. According to the product being promoted, the portrait of your ideal potential client has an approximate age. For example, if you are promoting crypto, you should pay attention to countries where the average age of residents is 30+. In most cases, it’s adults who are interested in this topic, looking for ways to earn passive income or additional earnings.

Competition. Here it’s a matter of supply and demand. In different regions, the level of competition varies. Therefore, choosing a less competitive market can reduce advertising costs and improve indicators.

Prices and incomes. Economic conditions directly affect users’ ability to buy certain goods and services. That’s why it’s important to understand which regions will be more profitable for a specific offer.

Level of technological progress. Of course, if a country has too few technological opportunities and poor internet, it makes no sense to pour modern high-profit niches.

Local laws. Another reason why it’s worth taking a closer look at each geo before launching ads. Often, the product or service being promoted may be prohibited in the selected country. But don’t worry, if you choose a reliable affiliate, managers can help with this. Also, specific geos are often indicated in the described terms of offers.

Language and culture. In communication with users, language is a key factor. The choice of a specific GEO in traffic arbitrage depends on the chosen language, as well as the design of creatives according to the cultural features. It is necessary to consider the relevance of offers and the sensitivity of users in this region to certain topics. Different cultural norms and consumer habits can affect the success of pouring.

Currency and payment. Different countries use different currencies and payment methods. The choice of geo affects the success of payment processing and currency conversion. But if you work with affiliates, these problems can be avoided, as they act as intermediaries.

Seasonality and demand. It’s no secret that the demand for goods and services can change depending on the season and region. Understanding seasonal trends and demand will help plan advertising campaigns accordingly.

Political situation. This factor actually has a broad impact on the market situation and combines many of those listed above. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of the political situation on the needs and capabilities of users.

  • Market stability. Unstable political situation, conflicts, economic crises, or changes in governments can lead to market instability. It changes purchasing power, their willingness to interact with advertising, and the general level of trust in business.
  • Changes in legislation. Political decisions can directly affect the legal environment for business and advertising. Changes in legislation will require adaptation of the strategy or even abandonment of pouring into the chosen GEO.
  • Restrictions on access to resources and the risk of content blocking. Political conflicts and sanctions can restrict access to certain resources, including the internet (such as banning social networks or websites with specific domains) and even banking services. In addition, the government of a country can block access to them on its own.
  • Reputational risk. The reputation and hostile actions of a country can affect the reputation of your brand. The most vivid example is Russia, which throughout its existence has tried to destroy other countries by military means and is under strict sanctions. Pouring ads for a certain brand into such a GEO is a colossal reputational loss for the brand and reduces the loyalty of audiences in other countries to it.
  • Currency rate. Political events often lead to fluctuations in the exchange rate. Consider this to protect your advertising budget from wasteful expenses.


Whatever vertical you choose, your success will greatly depend on the choice of GEO. And there are many factors to consider: standard of living, level of technological progress, local laws (although often webmasters use cloaking to avoid bans), language and cultural background, political situation, etc.

Before launching, don’t forget to conduct tests with different creatives, adapted to our GEO, to understand its relevance to your niche and not immediately waste the entire budget.

Yes, many nuances need to be considered. But no one said it would be easy. Traffic arbitrage is constant analysis, tests, bugs, bans, and searching for ideal connections. Pressing a few buttons and waiting to earn $1000 a minute is like believing in unicorns.

P. S. Unicorns do not exist.

But don’t panic: the more experience you have, the better you will be able to analyze the market situation, choose relevant offers, and achieve high conversion.

Definitely expect an update: in the next article, we will talk in more detail about what GEOs in traffic arbitrage exist, into which zones they are divided, and what their features are.

And now, as usual, we invite you to share your experience of pouring into different GEOs in our Telegram community. There you will find useful, relevant, educational content.

With respect, Your Geek!

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