The funeral of affiliate marketing is already a traditional entertainment among all webmasters and affiliate marketers. Indeed, this is almost always perceived not just with a light sense of humor, but also with well-founded expectations that things will get harder. Not necessarily worse, but almost certainly more complicated, it’s worth noting.

Let’s figure out if there really is a reason to be nervous if you are in affiliate marketing. And whether you can indeed postpone your job search at the factory and continue exploring new GEOs and cases. More on this in the material.

How the Current Year 2023 Stands Out

Those who know history can foresee the future. Not taking this aphorism literally, we must understand the most important thing – only a quality analysis of certain events that have already occurred can help us model a potential future, albeit not too distant. Next, we’ll discuss the key directions in which marketing developed in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

2023 is nearing its end. And here, we can already see certain trends that began last year, continued logically this year, and will solidify in the future. Among these is the rapid development of artificial intelligence, which scares some into impoverishment, intrigues others, or even inspires. For those far from the fuss, AI helps.

The advantages of artificial intelligence can be listed for a long time. Among those we’ve specifically highlighted for ourselves are:

  • Convenience of use: many services allow you to present all your requirements in almost free form to obtain the necessary result;
  • Budget saving: for small projects, there’s no longer a need to separately engage copywriters, designers, and other craftsmen (take this with humor, as I am a copywriter myself). Their work can be done by AI, sometimes even by a single service;
  • Speed: AI performs tasks much faster than any person could.

There are many more advantages, but it’s not so necessary to list them all. Rather, it’s important to note that despite all the pros of AI, there still remains a significant con – the quality of the final product. Obviously, artificial intelligence is still not capable of replacing a real professional. And overall, considering all the uproar that marked this year in the same X (formerly Twitter), people of certain professions will ensure that AI creators keep this beast under control.

In conclusion, it should be stated that currently, artificial intelligence will definitely not deprive webmasters and affiliate marketers of work. Moreover, work has now become a bit easier and more profitable in terms of time expenditure. Thus, using AI wisely creates a vast field for earning, which, by the way, is still untapped.


Another point we can almost annually see in similar articles is globalization. And the reason here is not a lack of ideas, but the relentlessness of this process. Reaching any corner of the world from behind a computer is becoming increasingly easier. But importantly, it should not be Russia, which is, conversely, falling behind in the process of globalization.

We think that the popularization of social networks and messengers can also be attributed here. Advertising platforms are becoming increasingly numerous, allowing work with a new audience, realizing new cases. New social networks are also appearing, planning to compete with the giants. For example, the recent appearance of Treads, an analogue of Twitter. And looking at whether such experience is positive, we can make some forecasts regarding the potential emergence of other competitors to the large social networks. For now – we observe.

Political and Social Instability

Ukraine is still forced to withstand and repel the aggression of Russians, which directly affects our advertising market. However, shocks have also hit other countries around the world, including Europe. This forces an adaptation of the tone of voice when working with traffic. That is, using the right messages, which are no longer as obvious as in a situation when society is completely calm.

In addition, we can observe some results of the work of antitrust authorities of the European Union and individual countries, which are starting to regulate the activities of social networks at the legislative level. This concerns not only content moderation or user data security. It also refers to advertising, which directly affects nearly all marketers and affiliate marketers worldwide.

The axe of justice has not yet reached all large companies, so the continuation of this process is also in the next season, that is, the year. Because right now, the fate of X in the European market is being decided.

So, What About the Patient?

We’ve gone through the key trends of the current year. So, what about the future, will affiliate marketing be alive? Obviously, yes. It will still take a long time to reach that conclusion. Nevertheless, it’s worth paying attention to the last point on our list. Especially if you are pouring European traffic.

Artificial intelligence, around which there is currently much noise, will not be able to replace a webmaster but will only assist him.

And then, social upheavals – an uncontrollable process that could grow into anything in the coming year. How this will impact our work remains a question. But we have our duties to perform. We believe in success and believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We donate, support the military, and bring closer the time when the Ukrainian market will not only withstand but also provide a strong response in economic terms.

Sincerely, Your Geek!

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