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Well, friends, it’s time to stop suffering from the fickleness of TikTok. I want to share with you a new (old) source for mining UBT and my experience working with it.

We’re talking about Facebook. As strange as it might seem, you will NOT need a budget for funneling. Nor will there be a need to learn a bunch of new terms, assembles teams for farming, etc. Everything is much, much simpler. Ending the water pouring here and moving on to the information and analysis of the “scheme”.


I’ve been using FB Reels for almost two years now. It’s a recommendation feed with vertical videos similar to TikTok, Instagram, and the like. But for now, working with FB is much simpler than with other social networks. But why is that?

  • Reason one: you can work not only from a smartphone but also from a PC (antique).
  • Reason two: there’s no need to uniqueize content.
  • Reason three: it’s possible to place links in at least 4 places.
  • Reason four: there’s no need for cloaking.
  • Reason five: almost complete absence of bans, compared to TikTok.

Let’s go through each of these points in more detail next.


I worked with iOS, Android, and browsers (antique). I didn’t notice any difference in traffic/views. But it’s faster and easier to scale your network from a PC. Just buy self-registrations for 5-50 UAH and create new profiles in the antique, connect proxies, and you’re ready to work.

To avoid buying proxies, I shared Wi-Fi from my phone to the PC and changed the IP between profiles through “airplane mode”. Similarly, with smartphones: I managed 10-15 different accounts from one phone (just logging out of one account and logging into another, changing IP between them through the same “airplane mode”).

Additionally, it’s possible to create a FanPage (page) on each account and also upload reels through it (I made 2-3 FanPages for each FB account).

Sometimes, accounts get “banned”. Afterwards, they’ll ask you to link a phone number or go through face verification. I personally went through with my own face on all my accounts and it didn’t matter whether the account was male or female. The percentage of bans that came on them depended on the quality of the accounts, so I recommend testing different sellers.

IMPORTANT: if an account is expensive, it does not guarantee its high quality and absence of future bans.

The price policy did not play a role. Sometimes the cheapest accounts for 5 UAH were of better quality than the accounts for 100-150 UAH. If the quality of the accounts is good, there will be only 5-10% of bans, if bad — the number of bans can reach up to 90%.

By the way, bans come either immediately upon entering the account or after the first/second video upload.

I don’t have much information on account registration because I focused more on scaling and purchased accounts. However, there’s a lot of information on the internet: look up how to farm/register self-reg FB accounts. I can only suggest that from an iPhone, they register much easier and faster than from any other devices.

Attention, a life hack. If you’re going to register accounts yourself (in large quantities), you need to find an old SIM card (up to approximately 2021) and register using mobile internet (why exactly an old one, it’s a long explanation). Open the browser in incognito mode and register an account. Additionally, you need to turn on this option:

How to check if the SIM card is suitable for registering accounts? Take an android, look for “phone information” in settings or something similar. You need to find the section with your SIM card’s phone number. If the number is visible, the SIM card is suitable; if the number is “unknown,” the SIM card is NOT suitable.


This is the main headache for all TikTokers. So, I’m here to congratulate you: in FB, uniqueizing is NOT needed.

How it works: you download a video from any platform, upload it to FB, and it’s ready. You can even download them directly from FB.

If you have automation or you’re a newbie — this is a treasure for you. But I recommend creating at least 1-3 accounts specifically for quality and make the media by hand, i.e., download “stock” video from TT and write your text. Such videos have a better conversion and views, and from each such account, you can easily get 1-3k uniques to your CPA offer.

I’ve already mentioned at the beginning that there are at least 4 options I personally use.

  • Option 1: account status, similar to TikTok Bio (if you go to the account, you immediately see your status and a clickable link).
  • Option 2: a separate section just for links (website), located in “About your account”. FB suggests putting your link there, but there’s significantly less traffic.
  • Option 3: comments under your video. You leave a comment from the account, and it will always be pinned at the top for other users
  • Option 4: link in the video description. So, you’re scrolling through the recommendation feed, stop on a video, and immediately below the video, you see a link.

Which of these options work best?

The main traffic comes directly from the video description. After selecting a video, you insert the link in your content’s description. To draw the user’s attention to it, make sure to emphasize the link and encourage action.

Comments are the second most effective. There’s less traffic there, but the conversion is better because you can additionally “bait” the client.

The link in the “account status” also +- gives the same amount of traffic as the comments.

The worst in terms of traffic is the link in the “website” section. To get there, a user needs to go to the account, enter the account information, and only there will the link be. And it can’t be additionally highlighted. Imagine how much motivation a user needs to go through such a path.


The best way is a cloak with direct redirect to your offer. Here, both the amount of traffic and the conversion will be higher. But if you have no experience with cloaking, a simple landing page also works. However, in such a case, direct redirect doesn’t suit us well.

We immediately create beacons (or anything else) and several buttons in it to move on to your offer. If there’s no redirect — FB doesn’t ban the link, as TikTok often does.


If we’re talking about bans, I’ll tell you a bit about them. In a year of working with this source, I’ve irretrievably lost only 10-15 of my accounts. I lost more passwords than I received bans.

You receive a notification that supposedly suspicious activity is observed on your account. Next, you need to go through verification. We do it using our face or phone number. Sometimes you also need to enter your birth date, so it’s better to save your account data.

One account received these notifications about 5-10 times for sure. Approximately after the 10th “ban”, they may request documents to help identify you as the owner of this account. Here, the holy PS (practice is key) helps. If the account is very valuable to you, it can be unblocked.

There are also bans on videos for violating rules, but usually, the video that has already gained 300k and more views gets banned. Always, I repeat, always submit an appeal for video unblocking. In the future, this will affect the views of your videos and the ban of the account itself (if you don’t do this, FB may not give views for N-number of videos or even ban the account much faster).

Regarding bans for links, personally, I received them even less frequently than bans on my profile. I don’t know what needs to be done to get a ban for a link. Even if you put a direct offer there, FB will just write that the link leads to a “harmful” site.


Use mobile or even home internet, but before logging into FB, always check your IP in services to ensure the risk of your IP is as low as possible. Most likely, working with VPN doesn’t make sense. I barely tested it because getting traffic from the required GEO is very simple. Minimal adjustments to your phone under the required GEO (language, region, and turn off geolocation) are needed.

The account must be registered from the IP of the required GEO (I bought them). We log into it (from any IP, I mean geo), check to make sure the city of residence/birth is the country you need, make a video in the language of your GEO. This way, we get traffic from the required country.

If you additionally use a proxy of the required country, the result will be even better. This way, you can bypass many “unnecessary” and concentrate a larger amount of traffic specifically on the required country.

How to check your IP address? 

You can use such a service as ipdata.co or similar ones. Red color — IP is not suitable. Green — the IP address is clean.


It’s time to talk about creatives and audience. Please note, the following discussion specifically pertains to the dating vertical.

Age. To achieve the best results and conversion possible, I often had to analyze my traffic in various ways. I can say that it practically doesn’t matter what creative you make or who you target, my audience was always approximately the same. Namely: 80% of the traffic — are men aged between 25 to 45 years. The remaining 20% are roughly divided 50/50 between those under 25 and those over 45. Unfortunately, the CPA network did not provide me with a statement, so it’s difficult to understand which age of people converts better. 

Also , based on my analytics, men choose women aged between 30 to 40 years. All tests I conducted were absolutely with different creatives/approaches/landing pages, etc. If you’re more oriented towards a specific offer rather than a smartlink, the above information will also be useful to you.

Goals. However, there’s information regarding the main goals of those who gladly registered on sites: about 70% for intimacy and sex, much less for serious relationships, and a negligible number — for flirting and just communication. And it doesn’t even matter what exactly your creative was. Here’s a crude example: if you publish, I apologize in advance, “grandmothers with disabilities” who are looking for a “caretaker”, then in the preland the user in 70% of cases goes through the button “quick sex” etc. (anything just to satisfy the male need).

Content. From my observations, videos that seem to be shot in everyday life, WITHOUT music (for example, daily routines, where a woman is doing something, washing dishes, clinking plates, or rustling items, etc.), get more views and have better conversion than videos shot under music (dances, sports, etc.). Model looks and professional shooting will get you views but not conversion. At the beginning, you can use other people’s creatives and draw your conclusions.


  1. Buy a FB account (you can buy with a banned ad account, etc., it doesn’t matter to us).
  2. You receive a text file with all the account details. Cookies for the account are highlighted with the symbol “[ ]”.
  1. Next, we move to our antique and create a new profile.
  1. Launch the profile, set it up, put the link in the account where possible (bio and a separate section for links), and upload videos.

Sometimes the “REELS” button may be missing, so try to go to the link https://www.facebook.com/reels/create/ and thus upload the video. If even through the link it’s impossible to upload, leave this account for a few days, while you work on the next one. Then come back to it: the “REELS” button should appear.

  1. Select your video, leave a link in the description, and publish. Then, I recommend going to the comments and also leaving an additional link.
  1. After publishing 1-3 videos, we leave this account for a few days. Usually, it lies dormant for 3-4 days, then I log in again, and you can already publish 3-6 videos. It’s possible to pump up an account from the first video, but usually, it takes publishing videos 3-5 times for FB to start giving good views (300k+).

If the first videos got 500+ views, then these accounts are good to work with. If after a few days we see 0-10 views, we leave this account for 1-2 weeks and then try again. The longer you use the profile, the more videos you can upload. Personally, I was publishing 6-12 videos every 2-3 days. However, some might publish 50 videos in a day or 1-3 videos a week. Here, you will draw your own conclusions on what works best for you.

That’s basically it. All that’s left for you is to test new connections and creatives. I’ll leave a few profiles for review: 





To find other pages, simply go to the reels recommendation feed and watch videos. If you see a desired video — like/subscribe to the account, and your feed will be fully in similar profiles/videos.

How it looks on a phone: 

Working from a phone is not complicated at all. To start, if you have a personal profile on FB, you can simply create a page (FanPage) and upload videos to it. Once you have enough information and tests, register/additional accounts and pages to scale the scheme.

My personal recommendation: it’s better to work on quality rather than quantity from a phone. A single profile and 3 pages are enough to make 50-200$ daily from one device. If that’s not enough for you, register/buy additional accounts and phones. But scaling the scheme is easier from a PC.

What else was tested? I set up an account for one specific girl, trying my best to create the appearance of a real page. Published photos, videos, posts. The videos broadcasted a message like “I’m lonely and not against making friends”. There were no links to dating sites on the page itself.

As a result, many people wrote in the FB messenger where they received the link. The offer was adjusted for video broadcasts, etc. It was something like this: “Hi 😽 I’m currently bored, if you want to see me live and get to know each other, come to my live broadcast, just created it [link]”.

This method had a very high conversion: practically every second person registered. But keep in mind, such traffic is not always acceptable to advertisers, so I advise picking an offer with your manager. Unfortunately, results on PPS were poor. However, it showed well on offers with simple flows (terms), where there was a condition to confirm an email. I received no bans on such accounts, and the link was without a pre-landing page.


I’ll add a few words about the offer. I used PPS for CIS countries (+Ukraine).

In short, the essence of the offer is this: the user registers on the site, and to communicate, they need tokens, which can be bought with money. For every purchase of these tokens, you get a certain percentage. By the way, this percentage can be increased over time by writing to your manager. Thus, good results can be achieved if you play the long game. I recommend you try it too.


And of course, I’m adding some statistics. The data in the screenshot corresponds to the period from 01.01.2023 to 13.01.2024.
It’s not expanded on purpose, because there are personal reasons for that. But it shows that making money is possible.

Thank you for your attention!


We hope you’ve been inspired after reading this guide and are ready to start making easy money. But before that, make sure to leave your feedback on this material in the thread UBT in our Telegram community. We’re also happy to receive useful info if anyone else wants to share something unique.

We love and appreciate everyone who stays with us and watches our development.

Sincerely, Your Geek!

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