Welcome, community! Writing unique and high-quality texts is an extremely complicated and painstaking process. And if you buy them, it’s quite costly as well. After all, the services of a professional copywriter who can write a commercial text for you are another category of expenses, which is unacceptable with a limited budget. At the same time, today there are numerous AI-based services that can produce the needed text in seconds. Which AI is best to use in your work, and what risks it may lead to – read in our new review.

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How Does It All Work?

From the standpoint of what needs to be done to obtain unique text, it’s quite simple: give AI a task, receive the text as a response. But how does all this magic happen?

Artificial intelligence for writing texts is based on several algorithms. First of all, there’s machine learning, which also includes two no less important algorithms: Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These are essentially neural networks that analyze unmarked texts to develop their model for writing text. Thanks to these mechanisms, we get not just a synonymizer, which has existed for decades, but a full and even unique text.

The Best AIs for Writing Texts

Let’s move on to the list of the best artificial intelligences that will help you in writing texts for your projects.

1. ChatGPT – A Budget-Friendly and Convenient Tool Not Only for Writing Texts

ChatGPT is a versatile AI that can not only write unique and fairly creative text but also answer any questions, making it also a companion.

Among the main advantages of ChatGPT, its ease of use, extensive functionality, and the ability to operate without additional subscriptions, saving your budget, can be considered.

The subscription to ChatGPT Plus costs $20 a month. It not only covers the drawbacks of the basic version by accelerating the speed of response by 25-30% but also the result will be of higher quality. This is made possible by using a larger database of textual data, including web pages, books, various documents. It also allows getting a more accurate answer to the query, which the free version cannot do.

ChatGPT Plus can be integrated into other services, which will help you, for example, to partially automate work in Canva and other applications.

Disadvantages: may generate false answers, does not cite the source of quotation, making it unsuitable for writing, for example, scientific papers. However, most of these disadvantages are mitigated in the paid version of ChatGPT Plus.

2. Jasper – For Large Projects

Jasper (formerly known as “Jarvis,” probably named after the AI from the “Iron Man” movie) is one of the best artificial intelligences that allows obtaining unique text at the output. The tool is quite powerful, based on the GPT-3 core. It’s perfect for any task: from writing a small commercial note to creating an entire book.

The key advantages are the ability to create a large volume of texts, spending a minimal amount of time. There is also the possibility of integration with WordPress or Google Docs. The first one is a possibility for cloaking, creating doorways, etc.

Disadvantages: not as newbie-friendly as ChatGPT, for more or less full-fledged work a subscription is needed (starting at $49 a month). And even with it, you will still face limits, which is quite strange, but it is what it is.

3. Rytr – The Best Solution for Beginners

If you have never worked with AI before, you can try Rytr. Rytr supports a large number of languages, including Ukrainian, making it one of the most relevant AIs for our market. Moreover, the generated content is quite varied: you can set the tone, manner of communication, use of formal/informal lexicon, and much more.

Integrates with SEO tools, like SERP analyzer, so it can even write text optimized for search engines.

Regarding the cost, there is both a free plan and a subscription. The price is friendly, from $9 for the cheapest plan to $29 for unlimited.

Disadvantages: the text rewritten for the same task may slightly differ from the first version, fewer functions than some competitors, large texts will have to be manually revised.

4. SurferSEO – The Best Solution for SEO Texts

We conclude the TOP with the best AI suitable for writing texts optimized for search engines – SurferSEO. This tool not only generates text but can also be used to create technical tasks. SurferSEO analyzes competitor articles from the top of the search engine results and provides recommendations for writing a text that will rank high on Google.

Disadvantages: lack of a free version, and the subscription cost starts at $89 a month.

What Risks Can the Use of AI in Daily Work Lead To?

AI is a new challenge for the modern world, as few fully realize what the rapid development of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning can lead to. It’s not about the imminent arrival of a hypothetical Skynet, and us needing our own John Connor to defend ourselves, not at all. There are more realistic, and no less terrifying consequences.

It’s more about the disappearance of certain professions on the internet, particularly in affiliate marketing. Why pay a copywriter for each separate text, or even a salary, if it’s cheaper to pay for an AI subscription? Or why do you need that designer when AI can draw creatives itself?

There’s also a very real risk of facing legal claims. Since AI does not report where it gets its information from, it may use protected copyrighted information as a basis. Although AI creators always emphasize that their algorithms use information only from open and freeware sources, who’s to check?

From a reputation standpoint, the use of AI can hit a brand. People fear everything unknown and don’t trust humans much, let alone a machine. We talked about this, by the way, when analyzing a study from Gartner.

What do you think about all this? Do you use any of the AIs listed, and for what purposes? Tell us about it in our Telegram community, where hot discussions on urgent topics happen daily.

With endless respect, Your Geek!

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