Welcome, community! iGaming is a relatively new phenomenon, but only if we consider the term itself. Overall, considering that the iGaming vertical encompasses several more familiar niches, there’s nothing innovative about it. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that today, this vertical is almost a market leader, attracting a lot of attention from both arbitrageurs and advertisers alike.

Today, we’ll talk about the iGaming vertical. We’ll dissect the phenomenon of the industry’s popularity, its key elements, and how to earn money in it. And let’s not forget about other thematic materials. In particular, we recommend you check out our review of how the gambling market in Ukraine will change in the current year.

What is the iGaming Vertical?

Despite each of us having some understanding of what this industry entails, we suggest summarizing all of it and providing a clearer explanation of iGaming.

So, iGaming is an industry related to betting that exists in electronic form. That is, all online casinos and betting companies are clearly part of the iGaming industry. Sometimes this includes regular games, which wouldn’t be incorrect, as this vertical is still forming. However, if we’re talking about eSports and betting on it within the context of computer (and even mobile games), then they’re definitively part of iGaming.

The B2B direction of iGaming deserves special attention. It includes offers from companies engaged in developing software for online casinos, such as Softswiss

It’s interesting to note that despite the popularization of this vertical only recently, this industry has existed for over 20 years – since 1994.

Considering that iGaming is all about the thrill, it might seem that its popularity revolves only around people’s desire for “easy money.” To some extent, this is true. However, it’s worth looking at the question more broadly to understand all the factors that have significantly contributed to the industry’s popularity.

Particularly, we shouldn’t forget about the pandemic, which not only left many people jobless but also forced them to stay home. For many, casinos and betting became the main entertainment during that period.

But that’s more about seasonality. As for the factors that indicate the industry’s continued popularity because they provide it, they include:

  • Accessibility. Thanks to the fact that a casino or bookmaker can be in someone’s pocket, they can play anywhere and anytime.
  • Easy account top-up. You don’t need to have cash; if there’s no money on the card – the deposit can be made with crypto. This is not just about convenience but also about personal data security. All payments made from a bank card are recorded in the history, unlike the mentioned cryptocurrency.
  • Technology development. If the first versions of online casinos tried to capture the popularity of their real-life counterparts, today the situation is reversed. It’s much easier to create an application with numerous functions than to build a similar separate machine. In the West, special attention is paid to VR, which is actively used even for gambling addiction treatment.
  • iGaming legalization. Today, in almost every developed country, online casinos, sports betting, poker are entirely legal entertainments. Of course, for a regulator to permit a company to operate, it must meet certain conditions. This is also why there are many white but also gray offers in iGaming. Therefore, be cautious when choosing an offer.

Clearly, these factors, thanks to which iGaming is popular today, will not only persist but will also improve. So, if you’re not working with iGaming yet, it’s worth considering this opportunity closely.

Main Varieties of iGaming

Now, let’s discuss each branch of iGaming in more detail. This is very important for a comprehensive understanding of the vertical.

Online Casino

The largest portion of offers is online casinos. Their types are extremely varied: from those that are copies of real existing slots to others with numerous gaming functions. Games are provided by hundreds of providers.

VR casinos are also becoming relevant, which we partially mentioned in the previous section. This is not just a new experience but also a completely fresh niche that is only being explored.


This can also be related to online casinos. But unlike certain slots, here we deal with studios where all drawings occur in real-time, conducted by a host. There are separate operators with a certain number of games and studios conducted through streaming.

Live has its subtypes too. From original games to more traditional blackjack and roulette.


A somewhat forgotten game that is still incredibly popular in many countries. In 2022, the online poker market was valued at over $86 billion. And that’s just online direction. According to forecasts by Polaris Marketing Research, by 2032, the market will grow to $283.42 billion. This allows us to realize the direction’s potential.

Online Betting, Betting

Sports betting is also one of the most vivid representatives of iGaming. A large number of betting companies that have flooded even those people’s info space who have never been interested in betting are now sponsoring various events and even creating their own teams.

The niche is very lucrative, with a lot of money that sometimes isn’t so easy to earn due to competition. However, it all depends on the specific case. Sometimes betting brings huge money to the arbitrageur, who not only invested a lot of money into the campaigns but also showed an unconventional approach to marketing creation. It’s worth studying the available arbitrage cases online to get a rough idea of how it all works.


Esports is a separate phenomenon in iGaming: both as a phenomenon itself and betting on events related to computer competitions. Also, a very hyped niche with its target audience, mostly comprised of youth.

What Payment Models Exist in iGaming?

Regarding profit-making methods. It’s worth noting that the model can differ, and it all depends on the offer. But in general, the majority of advertisers pay arbitrageurs in the following ways:

  • CPL – The simplest model, where to receive a commission, it’s enough for a user to follow your link and register an account, download the casino, etc. Sometimes, verification by the user of their account, either through phone number and email or through a document, is a condition.
  • CPA – Also a widespread system, which in the context of iGaming implies a specific action – that is, FDP, or the first deposit. In such a case, the arbitrageur will receive a payment once when the player first tops up their balance. The amount of the deposit sometimes determines the reward size.
  • RevShare – RevShare is the queen of iGaming. It implies that the advertiser will share with you a portion of the profit obtained from your lead. The profit will be the player’s loss. If he wins, your balance might decrease. But most modern offers provide for zeroing negative balances at the beginning of each month. So, you won’t get profit in such a case, but you also won’t have to dig deeper into the minus.

And finally, it’s worth adding that most modern offers work on a hybrid model. Mostly, it’s CPA+Revshare, where compensation is calculated both for the first deposit and for the subsequent losses of the player. One of the most profitable monetization systems.

Where to Get Traffic?

Undoubtedly, to monetize traffic – you need to get it from somewhere. Traditional targeting and contextual advertising are still suitable, but the biggest profit comes from those types of advertising that visualize information, directly demonstrating large winnings.

Therefore, as a tool, it’s best to use push notifications and popunders. It’s better to use creatives that highlight the benefits of your offer: deposit bonuses, free spins, risk-free bets, etc.

Pay special attention to the landing page, as this will affect the conversion. Here, also emphasize the advantages, bonuses, promotions.

Let’s Summarize

iGaming is a quite unique niche where huge amounts of money are circulating. Undoubtedly, where there’s a big check, there’s competition. However, thanks to the industry still actively developing, you can always find fresh connections to make significant profits. So, the main thing is to gradually integrate into the niche and master it.

And to make sure you don’t feel lonely in the process, you’re welcome to join our Telegram community, where you’ll find even more useful information.

With respect, Your Geek!

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