Welcome, community! Today, we have the opportunity to channel traffic from a variety of sources. And amid all this diversity, it’s quite easy to overlook a real gem, which we believe is Discord.

Today we’ll discuss why you should consider this service as a source of traffic, what kind of target audience hangs out there, and which affiliate programs it ties into. Don’t forget to read our other materials. In particular, we recently wrote an interesting overview on who an Affiliate is and what they do, available here.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Discord?

Discord is a type of messenger designed primarily for gamers. It has a pretty large set of features necessary both for comfortable gaming with friends and for creating your own communities dedicated to a particular game or event.

The audience on Discord is constantly growing, proportional to the overall growth of the gaming industry. Considering the forecasts that gaming will continue to become an increasingly popular form of entertainment, and by 2030 the market will grow to $682 billion—more than double what it is today—we can conclude that the Discord community will also continue to grow.

Discord offers users the ability to create servers where they can gather to discuss, use team speak, and more. All the main features are entirely free.

As for the drawbacks, they are not so significant. Among other things, these include periodic bugs related to the lack of proper optimization for certain platforms. However, it is worth noting that there are practically no adequate alternatives to Discord, which is why people continue to use it despite all its shortcomings.

Let’s Talk About the Target Audience

The most important thing for us is the target audience. The first thing we can understand is that it is quite loyal to the platform itself because it forgives any bugs, at least. Is it just because there are really no alternatives? Perhaps. However, the fact remains that users continuously turn on Discord both before starting a game and just to chat with friends on one server, or even to read news in thematic communities, of which there are already plenty.

Regarding quantitative characteristics, according to data from Similarweb, in the last two months, the number of users who visited the platform reached 1.1 billion. This is a lot for what seems to be a rather niche project.

If we talk about targeting, it is very similar to what we see on Twitch:

  • The majority of users are men (65%), with women nearly twice as few (35%).
  • By age: the largest segment is from 18 to 24, then from 25 to 35. Other age groups together make up less than 30%.
  • Geo: regarding countries, 23.24% of users are from the United States, followed by Brazil, India, France, and the Philippines, each accounting for over 3% of total traffic.

But what interests us most is the fact that this is an extremely affluent audience. First, despite the popularity of games, they are quite expensive, especially as a hobby. Additionally, another category of regular users includes programmers and other IT professionals, who have decent incomes.

Choosing a Vertical for Discord

At the beginning of this chapter, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the interests of the audience indicated by the previously mentioned SimilarWeb. Among the key interests, video games and consoles are most significant for users, followed by programming, and then electronics, graphics, and notably adult content, which gives us an idea of which offers might perform best within Discord.

However, the fact that adult content shoots very well through Discord is indicated by almost everything: starting from the fact that the majority of users are guys, and up to their age and lifestyle. Therefore, offers like OnlyFans or Fansly convert quite well through Discord.

But let’s not forget that Discord is about games, so offers from iGaming, especially betting on esports events, also fly in well. Even regular casinos fit quite well, as most users are quite young people who are prone to gambling and are also affluent.

Ending the topic of affluence, it is impossible to ignore the theme of crypto and finances. These offers also convert quite well through Discord. However, it is necessary to choose high-quality and not overly used offers.

In general, based on the target audience, it is possible to experiment with other connections. It is worth noting that traffic in Discord can be considered conditionally free. It is a bit difficult to work with because you do not have all the necessary tools, such as targeting, but the costs will be much less than when working with some other sources.

How to Channel Traffic from Discord?

There are no particularly convenient tools, familiar to most Affiliates, for promoting affiliate links in Discord. All that is offered is to share messages on servers or write private messages to users. Therefore, one of the best tools here is spam, which can be automated using appropriate bots.

Next is work through influencers. You can directly approach the owners of popular communities or well-known streamers and promote offers through them.

Finally, you can create your own community and promote through it. However, this is the most difficult path and not necessarily the cheapest. Because promoting your own source will also require money to make it truly profitable.


Discord is a great and underrated source of traffic that is worth using in work. It is quite understandable why relatively few Affiliates work with this service. It is somewhat inconvenient and not very Affiliate-friendly. However, considering the Discord target audience, you can already estimate the potential profit you could achieve.

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Respectfully, Your Geek!

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