Why is gambling a gold mine in affiliate marketing, and how exactly is work structured in this vertical? In our last article, we discussed the main verticals in affiliate marketing and briefly explained what gambling is and how affiliates earn profit in this niche. This time, we delve deeper into the topic of gambling, sharing the mechanics of work and the main payment methods for affiliates, so you understand how to earn from gambling in affiliate marketing.

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What is the Gambling Vertical in affiliate marketing?

As we mentioned earlier, gambling encompasses everything related to online casinos. A huge advantage: the audience can be captured in every country, as there are enough people inclined to gamble everywhere, and it’s possible to leverage their weaknesses from any part of the world.

This niche is promoted through various sources: Facebook/Instagram, Google, TikTok, as well as direct advertising with bloggers and in thematic public pages where the target audience for specific offers might hang out. Users can see the ads while browsing news, watching a movie, or even editing photos on a mobile app.

Your goal is to lead the user to the desired app or website and make them invest money. Due to the gambling element, this niche is extremely profitable and popular. Often, potential gambling clients themselves await invitations to invest their money.

How to Drive Traffic in Gambling?

For a long time now, the focus has been on launching ads specifically for mobile applications. Any person with a smartphone, internet access, and a bit of a gambling spirit can become an online casino customer. Such an approach helps maintain traffic and simplifies ad moderation.

Why has this option come to the forefront? The client does not need to separately visit websites, constantly log in, and, overall, spend more time to lose their money. It’s convenient because the app icon is always in sight while using the smartphone. 

Even after installing such an app, a client can immediately receive notifications encouraging them to register and receive certain bonuses.

And as you know, gambling works like this: after the first time, it’s hard for most to just stop. Therefore, the apps specifically remind these clients about the opportunity to win, pushing notifications with calls to action and motivating them to continue risking and investing money.

As long as the client has the online casino app on their smartphone, they continuously receive push notifications, increasing their activity. Wherever they are, every spare moment can be spent on games.

What User Actions are Paid for in the Gambling Vertical?

There are several types of actions for which an affiliate gets paid. In gambling, we can distinguish three main models: payment for registration, payment for deposit, and the less stable but promising method — revenue sharing (revshare). Now, let’s discuss each payment method in order.

Payment for Registration is modest, but a very good option for starters. With limited experience, you can choose offers with this type of payment and test various approaches. Why? Because it’s not as hard to make a user register as it is, for example, to make them make their first deposit.

Let’s draw a simple analogy to an online store on Instagram. Users subscribe to pages easily, but this doesn’t guarantee further sales. Making a user purchase something is a different story. Here, you need to try harder and attract with quality, relevant content, possibly discounts, and bonuses.

On this offer, the payment for each registration is $4.8
Payment for Deposit takes the top spot in popularity. Yes, it’s more complicated than just making someone register, but the income from such offers is significantly higher. The online casino sets a minimum deposit amount that the player must make, and from this action, you subsequently receive a fixed rate.

Working with foreign advertisers is extremely profitable, as their payment level corresponds to their standard of living and for our hryvnia market, these amounts are very significant. Therefore, to get a higher rate, it’s better to choose offers from countries like Europe, Canada, Australia, and of course, the USA, where players can deposit larger sums. However, understand that a more saturated market means working there will be much harder than in tier 3 countries, and a higher rate more money. For instance, for a minimum deposit of 10 euros in developed countries, you could be paid up to $100, while in countries with a lower standard of living, up to five times less.

The mechanism is simple: once the casino receives a deposit from the player, your payment is automatically recorded in the affiliate account. 

Important: The audience you bring must be high-quality. The player must meet the necessary criteria and be solvent.  

To check the work of the affiliate, the term hold was introduced. This is the time online casinos take to check the traffic. On average, hold lasts 7-14 days.

Advertisers carefully analyze the results of your work and conclude whether it’s worth paying for it. If the audience does not meet the requirements, you won’t receive your money. If everything is in order and the traffic is high-quality, a worthy payment awaits you.

The last payment model is revenue sharing (revshare). In this case, everything depends on the player you’ve managed to attract to the online casino. You can’t predict how much of a gambler they will turn out to be, but this factor can bring you a substantial amount of money.

If you receive a fixed bonus for a minimum deposit or registration, revshare works differently. You get paid a certain percentage, and your income depends on the amount the client loses at the online casino. The more they lose, the better for you. If your fixed income from a deposit was around $100, this model could multiply your income several times.

On this offer, the revshare is 35%

With the right experience and skills, such offers can be very lucrative. Sometimes, a few regular players can enrich affiliates’ accounts for years.

Looking for great affiliate programs in the gambling vertical? Where to find them?

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