Hello, community! The long-awaited useful article is finally here. Today, we’re delving into one of the key topics: GEOs in traffic arbitration, more precisely in the profitable cryptocurrency vertical. Choosing the target region is indeed an extremely important element of the affiliate marketing strategy, as we’ve previously discussed. It determines the success of the advertising campaign and, accordingly, your profit as a webmaster. It’s crucial to understand which offers to promote and where, in order to achieve decent results and be able to collaborate with the best partner networks, advertisers, and actively build your experience.

If you haven’t read our previous materials on choosing GEOs, we highly recommend starting with them: why it’s important to be able to choose GEOs, What are tier 1, 2, 3, 4. We also have several great partner network reviews, where you can profitably promote crypto.

So why is crypto the top, and which GEOs should you choose for a profitable campaign? Let’s find out.


Interest in this topic is constantly growing. Offers include various themes: binary options, trading, staking, tutorials on mining and trading crypto. Partly, this vertical intersects with finance, as it always involves money, investment, and crypto volatility.

This topic generally appeals to more mature users who want to establish a stable passive income, find other methods of earning. The purchasing power of such users also plays an important role, as it depends on their income level and lifestyle whether they can allocate money for investing and deposits in crypto.

Tier 1 – these are top GEOs, but not only they are worth attention. If you look at the statistics, residents of Tier 2 countries are most inclined to interact with crypto. Supposedly, the logic is as follows: when you earn decently but want to live better without extraordinary efforts, you start looking for passive earning methods. Therefore, we want to consider various GEO options.


And now, directly moving on to the list of GEOs where crypto converts the best. 

Switzerland, Germany, Austria. These countries have a high standard of living, so conversion often reaches 20%. They’re interested in passive income, like investing, and can afford to make deposits. In creatives, it’s important to use German to more easily reach the target audience. 

The income of the working class (mechanics, loaders, etc.) – from $1000 to $2500 per month. The income of the middle class (economists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, teachers, etc.) – from $2500 to $5000 per month. The average age of residents – 44+.

Italy, Spain, Portugal. Advertising converts best in large cities with a high standard of living. The average conversion rate is 10-15%. English doesn’t work well here, so it’s important to use the state languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese). They are also interested in passive income and politics. 

The income of the middle class – from €1800 to €2500. The average age of residents – 44+.

Kazakhstan. Residents of this country are interested in additional passive earnings. They respond quite well to advertising, as this GEO is the least saturated with it among other CIS countries. Unfortunately, they understand Russian. However, considering the current attitude of Kazakhs towards Russians, we recommend using Kazakh.

The income of the middle class – from €1000 to €1500 per month. The average age – 44+.

Baltic Countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). The population of these countries is interested in politics and global events, so they actively invest and try to preserve and increase income, fearing inflation. We recommend making creatives in English or the languages of these countries. Conversion stays within 8-10%. 

The income of the middle class – from €1500 to €2200 per month. The average age – 40+.

Latin America (Chile, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico). Conversion here is low, but traffic is cheap. The main interest is passive income. Main languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese. The best coverage is provided by Spanish.

The income of the middle class – from €1200. The average age – 35+.

African Countries. In recent years, interest in cryptocurrencies in the African region has grown by almost 60%. This correlates with the increase in education level and financial opportunities. And mobile internet is practically available to everyone there.

The income level of the younger generation – around $1500 per month.


No matter which vertical you choose, your success greatly depends on the choice of GEO. Crypto is one of the top niches where you can make good money, but you need to thoroughly analyze the list of current offers, where exactly to promote them, and what creatives to create to make a profit. All these nuances can be considered in different partner networks that work with this vertical, consult with managers, and maybe even get ready-made creatives and additional tools that will improve the work results.

The choice of GEO will depend on many factors: standard of living, level of technological progress, local laws (although webmasters often use cloaking to avoid bans), language and cultural background, political situation, etc. 

Among the top GEOs for crypto are currently Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, partially LATAM countries, and Africa. When choosing each of these GEOs, it’s essential to consider interests, main languages, age of users, etc.

The more experience you have, the better you’ll be able to analyze the market situation, choose a current offer, and achieve a high conversion. And as long as crypto remains popular, we advise you to try promoting it and getting a decent profit.

We also invite you to share your experience in promoting crypto or another profitable niche in our Telegram community. There, you’ll find useful, current, and educational content.

Best regards, Your Geek!

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