Welcome, community! Today, in affiliate marketing, there is a plethora of verticals available. Each can be extremely profitable in its own way, provided there’s a solid understanding of how the niche functions and its dynamics. That’s why we periodically prepare extensive reviews of verticals for you, like our material on gambling.

However, today’s topic will delve into a somewhat more complex vertical. Let’s discuss nutra and how to work effectively within this sector.

What is Nutra?

Nutra is one of the most profitable verticals currently available. It’s highly beneficial to engage with, though there are numerous considerations to keep in mind. For instance, nutra is considered a ‘grey’ vertical. We’ll revisit this point later when discussing promotional methods for offers within this niche.

So, what is nutra in the context of affiliate marketing? Nutra essentially refers to the goods vertical, encompassing various personal care products ranging from cosmetics to dietary supplements (nutraceuticals). This leads us to the target audience: individuals facing health issues or those with certain complexes about their appearance.

To specify further, key categories within nutra include:

  • Products aimed at weight loss, which predominantly feature a variety of mainstream items, with a significant portion being dietary supplements.
  • Beauty and health care products: hair strengthening shampoos, skin ointments, etc.
  • Muscle growth supplements, targeted at those engaged in bodybuilding and weightlifting.
  • Certain medicinal or pseudo-medicinal products, typically including remedies for joint recovery or pain relief.
  • Products for male enhancement. Familiar to many through ubiquitous advertisements, these usually involve various gels and supplements purportedly supporting the enlargement of male genitalia.
  • Libido enhancement products. If you’ve managed to enhance size, ensuring functionality is the next step. Hence, there’s a separate category of products aimed at boosting libido and enhancing sexual performance.

While it might seem that the last two categories are exclusively male-targeted, that’s not entirely the case. If the marketing campaign is structured properly, women can also be motivated to purchase these products for their partners.

Overall, as you can see, the variety of products is impressive. Hence, despite high competition within the niche, there’s always an opportunity to find profitable connections and cases that allow you to outperform those who have been in the vertical for a long time.

Conversion Options

We’ve discussed the products. But how are they actually sold? There are several commonalities with regular goods, except for one aspect – trials or samples. Generally, we see the following models:

Direct Sales (Straight Sales, SS)

Direct sales are the most optimal model for any goods-related vertical. And don’t be daunted by the term “direct.” It doesn’t mean you’ll need to personally sell and ship the product.

The main feature of direct sales is that the product is paid for immediately upon ordering, safeguarding you from scenarios where the customer fails to pick up or pay for the product upon delivery. As a result, any conversion in direct sales offers translates immediately into revenue.

The drawback is limited GEO coverage because the advertiser may not be uniformly present in every potential market. Moreover, persuading customers to pay upfront for a product can be challenging, so much of your campaign’s success will depend on its setup and quality. Beyond this, the model has predominantly upsides.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

With the Cash on Delivery model, the customer pays for the product upon receipt rather than at the point of order. This opens up sales to consumers who are wary of online shopping, fear losing money, or distrust the seller.

While it introduces factors that could negatively impact conversion, it also allows for reaching customers who prefer to pay upon delivery, potentially making this model more profitable than direct sales depending on the target audience.


Trial offers are among the best tools for nutra and are not commonly seen in other niches. Under this model, the customer fills out a form on the landing page, providing necessary details including contact and personal information, and credit card number. The application is then processed by the advertiser who checks the lead’s quality: verifying the address, ensuring the credit card isn’t stolen, and that it has sufficient funds for future purchases.

If everything checks out, the application is approved, and it’s as if the customer has subscribed. The first product is sent to their home at no cost (except possibly for shipping). If the customer does not cancel the subscription, subsequent products are sent automatically at set intervals, and payments begin to be deducted from their card.

The key for profitability in trials lies in rebills. Otherwise, everyone except the customer remains at a loss. Thus, if your traffic results in free samples followed by cancellations, you might be accused of fraud. So there’s inherent risk involved.

How to Promote Nutra Offers?

Many compare nutra to typical goods. However, there is a crucial difference making nutra a more complex vertical: it is considered a ‘grey’ area. This means its legality is conditional since the effectiveness of most products is nearly impossible to prove.

Given this, we encounter the following situation: an affiliate sets up a campaign in Facebook, and then both the campaign and the affiliate’s account are likely to be banned.

Despite this, there are solutions, notably cloaking.

If you plan to dive into nutra, be prepared for around-the-clock cloaking. We’ve written repeatedly about various cloaking services, so review those materials again. You should also learn to create and warm up accounts, or at least buy what’s necessary. Use multiple proxies, virtual numbers, and payment cards, etc.

You will need to perform a lot of manipulations, and this process will be ongoing. No one can guarantee that your carefully nurtured account, having run one or two campaigns, won’t be taken down the next day.

Additional challenges may arise during the ad campaign moderation phase. It will be much more scrutinous than with any white-hat niche, so be prepared to create unique creatives and mask them effectively: so that the algorithm doesn’t recognize what you’re advertising and doesn’t slap an 18+ label on it, but also so that the intended audience understands what’s being offered.

Promoting nutra offers involves constantly solving endless problems. It’s challenging and demands professionalism and creativity from the affiliate.

However, if you already have experience with grey verticals, nutra will be more comprehensible and manageable for you.


Is it easy to work with nutra? Not at all. But is it worth it? Absolutely. Payouts in nutra are extremely high. Products that genuinely help are guaranteed rebills, providing you with a semi-passive income long-term. Plus, the experience you gain working with nutra will undoubtedly be useful when dealing with other grey verticals.

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