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Good day, dear community! If you’ve just started your journey into the world of Affiliate Marketing, you’ll face many questions. One of the main ones is which vertical to choose. This decision will influence not only your potential profit but also how high or low the entry barrier into the industry will be. Thus, this question requires detailed analysis.

But before we begin, we recommend you familiarize yourself with other materials we have dedicated to affiliate marketing beginners. For instance, we discussed what iGaming is, how it works, and why it’s so popular. But is this niche suitable for a beginner? Let’s figure it out.

White and Grey Offers – What’s the Difference?

Let’s start with the basics. All offers and verticals in affiliate marketing can be divided into several categories:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black

The names are quite conditional, but they vividly reflect the essence of the products you’ll need to promote.

Thus, white offers include all proposals that are legal, purely beneficial to the consumer, and do not mislead them. For example, traditional e-commerce is predominantly a white vertical (except for some products that do not meet stated specifications). If you are promoting some household appliances, you can be sure that:

  • You won’t need to find workarounds to create and place an advertisement;
  • It’s easy to pass moderation, there is no need to resort to cloaking or other manipulations to launch a campaign;
  • Your advertising account will be safe, you can use it for a large number of other projects, which automatically will increase the trust in your account, and allow you to experiment with grey verticals in the future. However, we would still advise using separate accounts for this purpose;
  • You are operating within the legal framework, so it may “not be big money, but it’s honest work.”

Working with white offers is the simplest. Therefore, we absolutely recommend them for beginners. Even if the product you are promoting is quite complex in terms of Affiliate Marketing, you are still taking much fewer risks than when working with legally ambiguous offers.

About those, let’s talk. Grey offers are a vast layer of products that are not only actively promoted by affiliates of all levels but also often offer even higher rewards. Understandably, as working with a grey vertical involves additional risks and greater expenses, and generally more complex work that might not be manageable for an ordinary beginner.

What are grey offers? These are products and services that:

  1. May violate the legal requirements of individual countries;
  2. Breach the terms of use of the advertising network;
  3. Exaggerate and ultimately do not meet the consumer’s expectations.

Even from this brief description, it’s easy to understand which products are involved. First and foremost, this includes almost all nutraceuticals. The manufacturer guarantees that after using their product, the consumer’s hair will grow faster, but in reality, it grows not where it should (we are joking, more often nothing changes at all, and a placebo effect might be the best hope).

Also, grey verticals include gambling and most iGaming in general. First, because the large winnings that casinos promise – mislead the user, at least partially. Second, most casinos operate within a limited legal area, and while their services may be accessible in many countries, they are not necessarily compliant with local laws in each.

We won’t talk much about black offers. We take a negative view of any kind of scam. And that’s what black Affiliate Marketing is about: plain scamming of the user or even the affiliate network.

Which Vertical Should a Beginner Choose?

It’s unlikely that a person who has never engaged in Affiliate Marketing will be able to start a successful campaign working with a grey vertical. It’s nearly impossible unless you have experience with cloaking, understand what accounts to buy, or are even surprised that they need to be purchased at all.

The best option is white, completely legal verticals. Some of them might not boast super high payouts. However, you’ll minimize any risks, hone your skills, find working combinations, and then move on to more complex and profitable offers. This is a normal practice that almost all professional affiliates go through.

We recommend considering the following verticals that are relatively easy for a beginner to master:

White goods. There are a large variety of different products almost for any target audience and GEO. Among the main difficulties, we can only distinguish the choice of the product itself. Often, you can encounter something almost non-functional that won’t satisfy the customer, and they might, for example, cancel the purchase or later return the product. This can lead to negative consequences for you as an affiliate, even despite the fact that you have no relation to the quality of the product. For example, the affiliate network might accuse you of fraud if the return rate is extremely high. So before choosing an offer – read reviews not only from affiliates but also from customers themselves.

In addition to goods, you can consider E-commerce. A distinctive feature of this vertical is that we will be directing traffic not to a specific product but to an entire store. Whether it’s Aliexpress or any other. The reward here might be slightly less, but you minimize any risks regarding product returns, as the goal is to bring the client, not to satisfy their needs.

Install, or App Install. Also a completely white vertical where you need to motivate traffic to install games or other applications. Mostly mobile. The niche is specific, competition is quite high, but this vertical is also legal, and mainly – easily converts because the target action is quite simple. So for those aiming to earn their first money – it’s one of the best options.

In Conclusion

If you felt that we are urging beginners to stay away from grey verticals – you’re right. We truly believe that it’s best to start working with white offers because this significantly reduces the workload on the affiliate and allows them to focus on the main processes of working with traffic. Fighting with advertising platforms to get your creatives approved by the moderator is the next chapter in your professional career, to which you should come prepared.

To avoid taking your first steps alone, we invite you to visit our Telegram community. There you can always talk to more experienced affiliates who will gladly share their experience with you.

With best wishes, Your Geek!

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